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Strategies for a Web Content Consultant

By Consulting Success
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As a web content consultant you need to understand that what makes a great website is not the graphics, animations or fancy features. It is also not the advertising. What it is is the content you include on your site.

Great content not only draws and keeps visitors on your site; it also boosts your page rank on search engines, whose crawlers regularly search sites for new content. Therefore, it is important to keep your site fresh, interesting, and informative.

However, what web content can you include to make your consulting firms or client’s website really stand out? Here are a few ideas of relevant content you may want to include on your own consulting website but the examples can of course be applied to your clients industry as well.

  • Write and post articles on the actual consulting process. What is involved, how to hire a consultant, or tips and tricks you have picked up along the way.
  • You can also write an article, or series, that illustrates the need for consultants in your field.
  • Provide data regarding the benchmarking of the consulting process – educate your clients about the need for results driven project management!
  • Discuss trends relating to your industry – where to find top consultants, what is new in the industry, and which companies are benefiting from using consultants in your niche market.
  • On a related note, you could find and display independent research that indicates the need for consultants, and the usefulness of the consulting process to companies.
  • Alternatively, try to find and upload studies showing the need, and efficacy, of consulting in a particular field, or in general.
  • On an interactive note, you could include a quiz on the visitor’s knowledge of the consulting process, or one to determine their need for a consultant.
  • Maybe you would like to include a download area, where visitors can access whitepapers or e-books, or similar helpful documents.

Essentially, any information you can find, or write, relating to your niche, or the consulting profession in general, that can educate your visitors and help them make an informed decision, would be a great addition to your site content.

Consider starting a consulting business blog section on your site, as this is a great way to keep content fresh, and give those search engine crawlers something new to look for! As long as you make sure you keep it current, you can blog about anything that relates to your industry.

Lastly, remember that while your content all has the task of marketing your consulting business, and a little bit of self-promotion is fine, shameless self-promotion, that reads like advertisements, is not – your visitors want information, not to read how fantastic you think you are! Keep it subtle, interesting and objective, and you should be fine!

Go out there, start gathering information, write some articles, upload some professional studies and research papers, start a blog, and build a site that is as valuable to your visitors as it is to you! You will end up with higher traffic, more repeat visitors, and a higher page rank, but, more importantly, you will build credibility and trust, which, ultimately, will result in more consulting projects for you!

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