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What Are YOU Known For in your Consulting Business?

By Stephanie Ward

What are you known for? Can you answer this question quickly and easily?

If so, congratulations – you’re one of the few. If not, don’t worry I’m going to help you figure it out.

The benefits of being clear about what separates you from everyone else is that you’re able to grow faster, develop expert status, and increase the amount of referrals you get. And I know you want some of that!

Of course you deliver outstanding results, that’s a given. But you need to identify what sets you apart from your competitors.

Besides your industry or you niche, what are you specifically known for?

What do people say about doing business with you that is truly unique?

Why do people choose you? Here are some possibilities to get you thinking.

Are you known for:

  • Speed, quick results
  • Consistency
  • Extreme trust
  • Amazing new ideas
  • Your broad and diverse network

Take a few minutes right now and make a list of all of the things that make you stand out.

In addition, look through your testimonials and recommendations and see if you can find a common theme.

Once you’ve got your list, go through it and identify the core benefit that differentiates you.

If you’re not sure what makes you special, you can ask clients and colleagues. You can do this on the telephone, via e-mail, or you can send an anonymous survey ( is a great resource and it’s free).

When you’ve made the decision about what you want to be known for, you need to share that in every aspect of your business. Don’t be shy about promoting this in all forms of communication.

Think about your:

  1. Website
  2. Business Cards
  3. E-mail Signature
  4. Voice mail message
  5. Social Media Profiles

Are you starting to see how powerful it is to know, and communicate, what distinguishes your business from the rest?

Take action to identify and share what makes you remarkable and watch your business transform.

Stephanie Ward is the Marketing Coach for Entrepreneurs who want to set their profits on fire! Grab your FREE copy of the special report ’7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time’ plus business building tips, at:

3 thoughts on “What Are YOU Known For in your Consulting Business?

  1. Jennifer Holbrock says:

    I think you are right Stephanie. Consultants need to take the time to think what it is they really good at and how they want to be known.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Jennifer! All the best with identifying your secret sauce!

  3. abdulla-al-amin says:

    This is a most popular site on google.i think consultants need to take awareness of time value&what it is they really good at and how they want to be known.

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