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When a Buyer Asks “What Is Your Fee?”


Consultants have a belief that they ALWAYS the answer they believe the buyer wants to hear.

When a buyer asks “What is your fee?” early on in a conversation the consultant feels compelled to give a response.

If you respond right away and say “$7500” you’re playing the buyer’s game and you’ve lost control.

There is no rule or law that states that you have to answer a question with what you believe the buyer wants to hear.

Instead, give the appropriate response at all times.

When you’re early on in a sales conversation and a buyer asks about your fee tell them “I don’t know.”

Why give such a response? Because you honestly don’t know!

How can you give a buyer a proposal without fully understanding their situation?

How can you determine the value and ROI they will be able to achieve without going through the sales conversation?

So when a buyer asks “What is your fee?” early in the conversation respond with “I don’t know. Let’s explore your current situation and goals further so that we can both determine how I can best provide value and what type of investment we’re looking at.”

You’ll find a lot more detail about how to handle your consulting fees and pricing in the Consulting Fees and Pricing Guide which is now available as part of the Consulting Success System.


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