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Why Consulting Tools Are Your Key to Success

By Michael Zipursky

Last week we shared a couple of articles from expert consultant Aarni Heiskanen. If you haven’t yet read Aarni’s posts, make sure you do so here: From Scenarios to Vision – A Case Study and Creating New Consulting Tools.

The topic Aarni wrote about, creating and using consulting tools and systems, isn’t always an easy one to grasp.

In fact, many consultants do whatever they can to avoid it.

As with anything worthwhile, learning how to use consulting tools has a learning curve. You can’t simply glance at a consulting tool and instantly understand how to use it to its full potential with your consulting clients.

You can’t simply glance at a consulting tool and instantly understand how to use it to its full potential with your consulting clients.

If you could, everyone would be doing it. But they aren’t.

And for that very reason, you see few consultants making use of tools and systems in their work with clients.

The Successful 20%

Paretto’s Law, also known as the 80/20 principle, is at work here too. 80% of consultants don’t study or use consulting tools in their daily work. But that large majority, that 80%, are also the LEAST successful.

The 20% that do use consulting tools and systems enjoy more success. They deliver results for their clients more often, and do so in a bigger way. They also make far more money than consultants that don’t use consulting tools.

These tools provide a specific process and framework for you to follow. They take the mystery out of consulting and offer you a way to deal with almost any kind of client project you can be tasked with.

Forget About Magic

The most successful consultants don’t walk into a room with a client and magically come up with a comprehensive solution on the spot. Not at all, instead they approach the issue with an open mind, decide what tool or process would be best to use, and then step-by-step take their client through the process to help them achieve the desired result.

Over time they adjust each tool and customize it for their own use and along the way create their own new tools. But to reach this level of experience you must first understand how to use these tools.

Many Uses

Consulting tools have many uses. You can use them to identify business problems, find ways to improve earnings and customer satisfaction, make sales and marketing more effective, plan for organizational change, research and analyze a new product or service, organize and keep projects on course, and much much more.

For some of us, the idea of learning how to use consulting tools is exciting. For others not so much. Regardless of what stage you are at in your consulting career, learning how to use and create consulting tools will not only give you far more confidence, you’ll become more skilled and able to provide your clients with better results…which means they will want to hire you again and again…and they will refer you to others that they know.

NEW: Course on Consulting Tools

A few months ago I started talking to Aarni about the idea of us creating a course on management consulting and how to use consulting tools. Today, I’m very excited to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on a new course focusing on this topic.

As part of the course you’ll receive a step-by-step guide to using some of the most powerful and proven consulting tools. You’ll also get videos explaining the most common tools, PLUS you’ll receive templates of all of the tools so that you can edit and alter them and start using with your clients right away.

The course will be available next Monday. And if you’re on our consulting newsletter list you’ll also receive a special discount on the course available only for the first week.

I’m very excited about this new course. Keep a look out for it. It could just change your whole approach to consulting and take your business to the next level.

8 thoughts on “Why Consulting Tools Are Your Key to Success

  1. winston says:


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  3. Roman says:

    I think these tools will be great to have, thankyou.

    • Roman – if you’re not using consulting tools in your business currently, this will be a great course for you. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

  4. Keith Ackley says:

    I must say that in my own consulting business using systems tools and standards like what you are talking about here in this course took my business from small time to making a very respectable income.

    • Keith – thanks for sharing your story. Glad to hear consulting tools have helped you as well!

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