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Why You Can Become a Consultant at Any Age

By Michael Zipursky

One of the great things about becoming a consultant is that you can take the step at any age.

I’ve heard all the complaints, concerns and excuses…

“I’m too young. No one will listen to me…” and “I’m too old, everyone is younger than me…”

Here’s the thing, we can all come up with reasons for why we won’t succeed. What we’re really doing is trying to mask our fear.

The question you really need to be asking yourself is am I confident that I can provide value and results to the marketplace?

As you can see from the image above from Funders and Founders, some of the most successful brands and companies were started by people that some might consider “too old” to ‘start a business’.

I consulted for Billion dollar companies when I was in my early twenties as I wrote about in this article.

Consulting At Any Age

You can consult at any age because real clients, serious buyers, don’t care about your age.

They don’t care about your race, culture or gender.

They only care about one thing…

…and that one thing levels the playing field for all.


That’s right. True buyers only care about whether or not you can provide the value and results they are looking for.

If a company is looking to inspire its sales force to increase productivity and close more sales, the CEO doesn’t care if you’re male, female, 25 or 85…as long as they get the result and value they are after.

So if you’re feeling too old or young to become a consultant push that fear to the side.

Your age should never hold you back from making it in this business.

The question you really need to be asking yourself is am I confident that I can provide value and results to the marketplace?

If you can, get going and make it happen.

If you can’t, learn what you need to know so that you can.

Either way, success as a consultant is yours for the taking.

You can do it!

10 thoughts on “Why You Can Become a Consultant at Any Age

  1. Bill says:

    Great post very timely for me I am approaching 50 and I am just starting my crowdfunding consulting business, and I agree with what you said about being able to add value to the client being the only true measure of being a good consultant!!

  2. nathan says:

    Thank you. I feel much better now.

  3. thats right 26 or 86 if you do the job and do it well the last thing I would be concerned about is age.. and Bill although age wouldn’t play a huge factor in my personal decision I still would tend to think the person who is of an older age just might have that many more associates and goto people to help get it done since they have obviously been around a bit longer. of course that can prove very wrong at times but for the most part that’s my thought… best wishes on your business venture!

    • Age definitely can be an indication that someone has more ‘experience’ and ‘knowledge’ – it’s not always the case and it doesn’t necessarily mean the end result they can produce will be better. That’s why results are value produced are what really counts.

  4. Important message – all too often I hear that people feel they are past their prime. That’s bull. I just talked with a 69 yr young who is kicking butt. He just does it on his terms. I like that.

  5. This concern was at the corner of my attention for many years (from my late 16th) and I have never let it to hold me back to desire and try to be the best I could be.
    Now I’m 22 and only couple of mounts away from starting my own consulting firm. This article reminded me of so many great adventures which I took to reach this level, and the footage was stunning.
    Thank you for this short and clear article.
    Be Victorious!

  6. raju srivastav says:

    the infographic work is cool.

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