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Adding the “WOW” Factor to Freelance and Consulting Businesses

By Sam Zipursky

The other day I was using my favourite email system, to send a PDF attachment to a consulting colleague of mine. Just as I hit the send button I realized I forgot to attach the PDF…it happens to all of us from time to time and yes, it does suck.

But this time it was different. This time I didn’t get embarrassed and have to re-send the email with the attachment. This time the good folks at Gmail confirmed to me once again that I use the right service for emailing.

So what happened? I hit the send button and a message popped up saying “you said “I’m attaching” but there is no attachment in your email” or something along those lines. Gmail then gave me the option to attach my file before I sent the email – WOW!

Well, I was more than impressed by this level of attention to detail in the Gmail service and I will definitely keep using Gmail and recommend it to anyone I speak to.
So as a business person, consultant, freelancer, or professional what can we learn from this? Well I think we can ask ourselves the question “What am I or we doing to give our customers and clients that WOW factor?”

A few possible ideas for adding the WOW factor to your consulting business:

  • Setting up an easy to use web based project management system for you and your clients to use when working together on projects.
  • Introducing your client to a new time saving software or technology that they can use in their business.
  • Doing the little things that clients might not expect you to do when working with them.
  • Sending hand written thank you cards or notes to clients.

The above are just a few examples of how you can add WOW to your business. Now it’s your turn let’s hear some of the tips or techniques you are using in your businesses to add WOW!

8 thoughts on “Adding the “WOW” Factor to Freelance and Consulting Businesses

  1. Karen Emanuelson says:

    WOW! I may have to switch to gmail for that feature! 🙂

    Sometimes it's the simple things that separate a great business from a good business. My WOW factor is really a simple philosophy: Reciprocate: Share What You Know. Clients and potential clients appreciate when companies share information and tips with them — even before they sign a contract.

    • Sam Zipursky says:

      Nice one Karen! Agreed, knowledge is power and the more you share without thinking you'll get back the better as it always seems to pay off in the long run.

  2. I’ve been using this “lab” feature long time already. Does Gmail adds it on Gmail automatically now? Because I went to the “labs” section and activated it manually. If not, then I guess you should tell your readers how to activate this feature.

    • Sam Zipursky says:

      Actually not sure if it's a lab feature as the message just popped up without me doing anything. The way to test if it's active is just try to send an email to yourself and write the words "I'm Attaching" in the body text. Then hit send and the message should pop up!

  3. Wow is right! I have taken on an absolute adoration of Gmail too Sam. I have let Gmail inspire me in all my philosophy regarding business in that I try to GIVE my BEST services away for FREE. In late November of 2009 I augmented my free Gmail account, which I've been using for my main email since it first came on the scene years ago, by taking a closer look at what they had to offer. I now have access to and use an online virtual office system complete with a calendar, which, I am able to collaborate with my co-workers through, a great setup for contacts, and excellent email service and options. I will likely get a new @facebook email when it arrives just to be hip and kewl but I will always use my gmail as my main addy.

    • Sam Zipursky says:

      Paul, nice one…I also use other services such as Google sites and documents with Gmail daily…love it and thanks for stopping by!

  4. JP Obbagy says:

    Great post about gmail and their little WOWs. Been using it for a long time and always finding new little good surprises that make my consulting business easier to manage.

    Your tips/ideas on adding the little WOWs to our businesses are poignant. It's too easy to get into the automaton mode of grinding through work and contracts. We cannot forget that our clients are ultimately people who value thoughtfulness and simple tools to make their work easier.

    • Sam Zipursky says:

      JP thanks! Yes the key is even simple little things that make our clients go "amazing, I love these guys" is what we're looking for here with the WOW factor!

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