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You Can’t Copy Success

By Michael Zipursky

Robin Sharma, the leadership expert and author of The Leader Who Had No Title loves getting on stage in front of big crowds. He records low-budget videos from exotic locations and his hotel rooms to spread his message to the world.

JK Rowling used to lug around her typewriter from cafe to cafe. Her child got tired during each walk and when they arrived at the cafe JK would use the quiet time to write her next chapter. That’s how Harry Potter was born.

Gary Halbert, considered by many to be one of the greatest copywriters ever, was rarely seen on video. He would do the occasional talk, but rather preferred writing his famous The Gary Halbert Letter, a newsletter packed with advice for students of marketing and copywriting.

All three are considered masters at the trade. But they all employ(ed) different tactics.

You just need to make that selection based on your passions, goals and skills…and not just because you saw it work for someone else.

You’re often led to believe that one way of marketing your services is better than another.

That social media rocks. Only to find out the next week that webinars are better.

Here’s the thing…there is no better or best.

As my example shows, you don’t need to follow the exact path that others have taken to become successful.

In fact, doing so usually provides disappointing results.

You need to learn from others around you. Take in as much knowledge and learning as you can.

But then it’s your job to apply it in a way that works for you.

What do you excel at?

Do you love getting in front of a camera? Love doing live events? Maybe writing or doing podcasts?

Each and everyone one of these can and does work.

You just need to make that selection based on your passions, goals and skills…and not just because you saw it work for someone else.

To your success!


2 thoughts on “You Can’t Copy Success

  1. it’s funny Michael, I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit recently. We often assume that if you follow the exact same process, system or path as someone else who’s been successful, you’ll get the same results. Usually it’s not true.

    The example I thought of was “learn my exact system to win the lottery”. Someone who’s won the lottery could document in precise detail how they got up in the morning, walked to the shop, paid for a lottery ticket with random number, got the bus home, sat in front of the TV, watched the numbers come on the screen etc.

    It sounds ludicrous because we know that winning the lottery is based on luck not the process you followed to get your ticket. But often it’s the same with other forms of success. Not that it’s luck (though luck always play a part) – just that the process, path or system the successful followed is often not the critical part of why they succeeded.

    Sometimes it’s the skills and capabilities you already have. Sometimes it’s the contacts and connections. Sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time and finding the right market. Someone without those same assets or in a different situation can follow the exact same path and not get the same results.

    that’s why you have to build solid understanding of business and marketing fundamentals, and take stock of your assets and make use of them.


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