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Zoning in on Your Consulting Expertise

By Consulting Success
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Identifying and defining your areas of your USP and consulting expertise will not only help you realize your strengths, but it should help you identify clients targeted by your consultancy. Begin targeting your clients by honestly assessing your consulting service capabilities. Note fields that your consultancy should avoid. Clarify your strengths, refine your services and highlight your strengths.

Once you have identified your special areas of expertise, refine the search further to see if there are even more specialized sub-areas. Identify all the clients within your narrowest search fields and then work backwards, carefully opening one portal of opportunity after another.

When identifying your consulting firm’s areas of expertise and incorporating those areas into your marketing plan, be sure to address these seven concerns in one topic sentence. After writing the headline, you may return to expand the field.

  1. Explain the purpose of your marketing plan
  2. Describe your product and the substantive product value from the client’s perspective.
  3. Describe your target markets.
  4. Define your niche.
  5. Describe the marketing weapons in your arsenal.
  6. Describe the complete identity of your consulting practice.
  7. State your marketing budget.

Once you have written seven concise answers to these considerations, you will have an outline that will force you to get more input and add definition to your marketing plan. Take the seven topical answers to other persons connected to your consultancy and get their feedback. Be prepared to modify your initial responses and make sure you receive all suggestions with an open mind.

Listening to other consultants and advisors is important to your practice and your future. Keep in mind that you are creating a comprehensive marketing plan but that you are fine tuning your product line. This refinement should increase your value to specific clients.

Refining your identity should open up more consulting opportunities with desirable prospective clients. The process should also help rule some targeted areas out of consideration. Start lists for each category and be aggressive about expanding both lists.

Be Committed

Undoubtedly this process of refinement and definition will stir the combined juices within your consultancy. Take your invigorated product definition and commit to it. Take responsibility for the clarity of your consulting practice and commit to carry it forward.

Learn to express your product and value in simple language. Authors are forced to consolidate 300 pages in two sentences when describing their latest masterpiece. Make sure your two sentence product refinement says what you mean and that the message can be delivered by everyone in your consulting firm.

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