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5 Reasons Consultants Should Blog

By Michael Zipursky

Most consultants know they should have a website. But I get asked all the time by those new to consulting whether or not they should have a blog.

My answer is yes, but with a couple of caveats.

If you’re going to start a blog make sure you have something to say. And be sure you can keep it up.

This advice goes for all companies…

There’s nothing worse than setting up a blog, connecting it to your website, posting a couple of articles…and then months go by and there’s no new content.

Certainly it’s not good for your image. Imagine a prospective client checking out your website, clicking on ‘Blog’ and then seeing that your last post was 6 months ago.

Ouch! That aint pretty.

Aight, so now we’ve explored the dark side of blogs and what you should consider before starting one.

But how about the positives, you ask? There are many:

1. Search Engine Love – Search engines such as Google love content from blogs. Especially when it comes out consistently. If you put up even a short post every couple of days or weeks your blog and therefore website traffic will climb.

2. You The Expert – You’re a pro right? Of course you are. Writing about your experience, sharing stories, consulting case studies, etc is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and become known as an authority.

3. Get Found – As you publish your posts you’ll start being found in the search engines by people looking for information on the topic you’ve written on. This is a great way to get contacted by potential consulting clients.

4. Easy to Get Started – Setting up a blog is eeeaasssy! Seriously. Even if you don’t have one technical bone in your body, you can pay someone through a service like Elance or oDesk to help you setup your blog. Yeah, it might cost you $100 but it’s worth it. You can also look at services like, and Posterous – which all make getting a blog setup a real snap.

5. No Genius Required – There’s a myth out there that you need to be a talented and prolific writer to have a blog. That’s definitely not the case. I was nowhere near an A+ student in writing during my school days. That didn’t stop me from writing advertisements and direct mail copy for billion dollar companies and that certainly hasn’t stopped me from blogging and writing for you.

As long as you can devout some time each week or so to writing a post for your blog the benefits far outweigh the risks.

If you’d like more information about blogs and blogging ask us in the comments below.

60 thoughts on “5 Reasons Consultants Should Blog

  1. Dave Mentios says:

    Yes, I agree with your point on consistency. This is quite critical for blogging as you look bad if you don't post for a long time.

  2. Hi Michael, I'm with you – blogging is important, but only if you can commit to it. I've been blogging for about a year at I find being consistent is one of my biggest challenges. Using an editorial calendar to plan posts, and scheduling posts (writing them to publish later) makes things easier.

    For anyone on Twitter, following the Sunday night #blogchat (8-9pm Eastern) is a great way to learn about blogging and meet people who will encourage you along the way.

    • @brandsprouts – You’ve hit the nail on the head, and your tips on scheduling posts are great!.

      Being consistent is a tremendous challenge for so many consultants/businesses that begin blogging, especially because immediate results aren’t realized despite hard work and effort. I *just* wrote a blog post on this ( , including some motivating #s about just how powerful sticking with it can be. And an analogy. Analogies are always helpful. 🙂

      Doing blogging right requires a true, long term commitment. Really, they need to become valuable tools for others before they can become a valuable tool for your own business.

      There’s so much buzz about what fantastic marketing tools they are, but the truth is that they typically can’t do their job unless substantial time, thought, and energy are invested into them. They’re not a quick-fix solution.

  3. I started my business by blogging and people always mention articles they found interesting. I blog every week and I find that it keeps me actively researching ideas that my clients may find useful. Blogging is great! Get blogging if you are not already.

    • Griselda – right on! Good job on keeping the blogging going. You're right, it is also a great way to think through issues and get new ideas for your business and that of clients.

  4. Neale says:

    Now I'm cynical enough to suspect that you have inserted a data miner into my pc. The reason: I have just, a few days ago, started a blog for the first time. OK it's not business related right now, rather a collection of thoughts but will no doubt evolve in due course. Have a look

    • Neale – ha! No pc insertion, I promise =) Nice work on starting up your blog.

  5. pauldumo says:

    I absolutely concur that case studies are valuable content – I run a variety of series in my blog (e.g. comments regarding my local American Marketing Association chapter, business lessons from the Civil War, etc.) but the most popular one by far is where I tell stories about consulting scenarios I've encountered.

    As a marketer I really love looking at my blogging stats and seeing what drives traffice and where that traffic comes from – it is real-time test marketing for ideas!

    • Paul – definitely! That's a good point. You're right, by putting ideas out there and seeing the response they receive from comments, traffic, re-tweets, facebook shares, etc you can really start to understand the market and audience better.

      If anyone has ideas of how we can get more comments, re-tweets and people sharing the content on Facebook etc (?) I'd be very interested to know – as we always want to spread the word!

  6. I recently started a blog, since I've been consulting for over 4 years, and wanted to share some of my success and what I've learned with others. Starting your own business can be scary, but my consulting business has given me more economic and personal freedom than I ever had as an employee. You can read more about my story, tips/tricks, etc. at

    And I completely agree that setting up a consulting blog–or any blog–is easy, especially with tools like WordPress.

    • Greg – welcome! Great to hear you're enjoying writing and keep up the blogging!

  7. I think blogging is one of the best things that happened in the last years. Every individual that has some kind of expertize can now blog about it, at very low costs (domain + free blogging software) and can generate an income (or help others for free). The only thing that I think is crucial to blogging is to keep posting in a constant way. Success will not happen over night but if you stick with it you'll slowly build an audience.


  8. Really you have done a good job. The written style is very prompt and the highly practical manners. So fruitful for us. Your blog is refreshing, but I wish one could find more content, though. I especially liked your comments about reducing and eliminating it from your diet to feel better physically and mentally. I am looking forward to reading more from you. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  9. Blogging is easy when you set aside a dedicated time each week to post something and stick to the routine. It soon becomes a habit. Getting stuck for topics to write about is not a problem either. Here's how I manage to blog every Saturday without fail. Only something really significant like a birth, death or marriage will alter my routine to the next day. During the week in my business, something always crops up that needs to be answered, explained, described to our customers. That's the focus of my next post. As I go about my daily business, I'm thinking about how I'm going to present my post, will it help others, write notes and thoughts and maybe do a bit of research for facts. By Saturday morning I have all the material ready to write my article.

  10. Agreed with you. Search engine love contents, Try to add regular contents in your blog, you will get good traffic and visitors also take interest in your blog.

  11. Michael, I totally agree with your article about blogging. I recently started my business and decided that I would create a blog. My initial thought though, was “I don’t have enough content to be consistent.” So, I balked at the idea. But, I’m proud to say that I have started blogging (
    and it has not been as difficult as I thought I would be. I’ve created posts commenting on articles I’ve read, things I’ve encountered through my work, etc.

    I do believe it is a great way to establish myself as an expert in my field. And the bonus is, the more consistent I am the more my name shows up in google.

  12. abdulla-al-amin says:

    I also agree with your good comment.I think blogging is one of the best things that happened in the last years.

  13. Landtech58 says:

    do believe it is a great way to establish myself as an expert in my field. And the bonus is, the more consistent I am the more my name shows up in google.

  14. Jessydown says:

    Really you have done a good job. The written style is very prompt and the highly practical manners. So fruitful for us. Your blog is refreshing, but I wish one could find more content, though.

  15. You are absolutely right, thanks for the reminder. I’ve been blogging as a personal endeavour for the past 12 months, but have recently begun to shift the focus of my blog to tie in with my new consulting business. It’s still not specifically business related, but I see the blog as an opportunity for potential clients to get a feel for who I am, how I think, and how I might approach my work. Though I’m still working on building mine, I can see the potential of a blog to expand the voice and influence of a business.

  16. Blogging is a great way of engaging and also I suppose it does in some way work for the seo. Most of all though I do like to read up about business advice and consultancy and see what I may be able to learn

  17. i run a personal blog, seperate domain from my consulting services website, do you think its really necessary for me to have two blogs?

    • Jamie – it depends on what you want that blog to represent. If your personal blog doesn’t cover business or isn’t a good mix with business content, than having a separate blog for your business where you can write on business related content and demonstrate your expertise would be a wise move.

  18. Henry Jakson says:

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  19. well yeah, blogs are content based and consultants sell their content, whether if it’s verbal or written. Giving pieces of your product for free is what gets people hooked for more

  20. vinodh says:


    I like your last point . I mean having a list of corporate behemoths as clients.


  21. It consistently surprises me just how much work comes from some of my very niche IT Consulting blog articles. It seems that, if you found a particular project difficult, someone else will too. That natural instinct to Google problems is an incredibly useful way to market yourself to niche clients. We specifically do a lot of Cisco Phone work, and our guides on how to solve really bizarre issues consistently do very very well.

  22. Since when I started blogging I used wordpress and it’s a user friendly and I really love because it’s easy to learn and how to set up your blog.

  23. Knowledge Elisha says:

    thanks man i been a bit hesitant on this…

  24. shwan Michel says:

    Hi, Michel

    Yes , I agree with with you every consultant should have their blog. Because blog is the medium to grab world wide audience . I am also running web consulting companies.

  25. PRAMOD THALLA says:

    Informative post. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Great article Michael, particularly about making sure you have something to say and blogging regularly. It’s a commitment that not everyone has the time, commitment, or patience for.

  27. Everything needs commitment and hard work to be known in the Management Consulting market..You need to build Reputation and Trust and then offer your best to those who need your specialized services..

  28. Kathceia John says:

    Nice, i agree with you. Blogging is quite effective for your business.

  29. Michelle Garcia says:

    I agree You can devout some time each week or so to writing a post for your blog the benefits far outweigh the risks.

  30. Christopher Johnson says:

    Great post… The written style is very prompt and the highly practical manners. So fruitful for us.

  31. Asphire says:

    It’s a great article and having good blogging knowledge for business

  32. Synergy 360 says:

    Yes, I agree. Blogging is important for consultants. Good and informative blog posts give you more visitors on your site. More visitors means more chances of clients for the consultants.

  33. I think blogging is one of the best things that happened in the last few years in marketing. This is the most easiest and helpful business method to earn money.

  34. Short and sweet post. Well, I do agree that consultants and businesses should start a blog, but having a blog doesn’t make you an expert. It depends on the content that you’re going to share. There are too many blogs out there, and getting your voice heard has become tougher than ever. The great news is that it is still possible and it means that starting a blog works and that is why people build blogs. And I do agree when you say that having an updated blog helps in terms of SEO and reach more audience. Cheers.

    • Thanks for the comment Shawn. Definitely. Your content should always be valuable in the eyes of your ideal client. The more value you deliver the more likely they are to continue reading your content, sharing it, and seeing you as an expert because of it.

  35. Nice and informative blog. I was looking for such a blog. Thanks for sharing information. Keep blogging!

    • Thanks for the comment Jim. Happy to hear you’re enjoying the resources here and welcome to the community.

  36. It was interesting and very informative to know the things when going to the consultant. Thank you for sharing such an helpful blog.

  37. Thanks for sharing this information. Blogging is extremely important if you want to be known as an expert in your niche. I also agree that it is critical that you have something to say, even if it is a slant on a current practice or a better methodology, it’s important that you structure your posts in a way that engages the reader. Thanks again.

  38. Nice informative post,
    Like the way, you explained this interesting topic. Blogging is really important not only for consulting but also for all field. Bookmarked your website to get more useful content from you. Keep sharing such beautiful content.

  39. Hi @ Michael Zipursky
    I completely agree with your point that every consultant should blog. The reasons which you have mentioned are really meaningful. This is nor a rocket science, if you want to say something about your business or anything which is informative and helpful for others they you should write that in your blog.
    Very good job done 🙂

  40. Excellent article Michael! We have started blogging and even if it was complicated at the beginning to drive traffic (and mostly getting the motivation to regularly write articles, to be honest), our SEO improved and after a while we started to see the number of visits increasing. It takes time and efforts but its definitely worth it 🙂 I will also add and recommend to focus on quality rather than quantity: 1 well-written article (like yours here) its worth 100 of small irrelevant and not interesting articles.
    Keep it up guys!

    • That’s great to hear it’s working for you Thibault! Thanks for sharing. Appreciate the comment.

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