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10 Ways Consultants Can Offer Value to Their Clients

By Michael Zipursky

When you provide real, true, hardcore value to your prospects ‘making the sale‘ becomes so much easier.

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that most consultants prefer it when their customers WANT to buy from them… as opposed to having to push the client to make the sale.

Immense perceived value weeds out possible objections that your prospects have.

Take a stick of butter. Pull out a teaspoon from the kitchen drawer. Now try cutting the stick of butter (that’s what it’s like without value in the equation). Now pull out a knife, run the blade under hot water. Okay, now try slicing through that butter… (you guessed it, that’s what it’s like when you bring ‘value’ to the table.)

Existing clients love value too. The more you deliver…the longer they want to continue working with you and using your consulting services.

Jeffrey Gitomer explains that there are 10 ways in which value can be perceived. They are…

1. Ease of doing business with you.
2. Ease of contacting you and anyone at your company.
3. Ease of use after purchase.
4. Increase in productivity for the customer.
5. Availability of service when the customer needs it.
6. Boost of customer morale after product/service is installed.
7. Reasonably priced (not cheap, not most expensive)
8. Additional profit to customer.
9. Assurance to the customer that there is a perfect fit.
10. Assurance that there is no risk in doing business with you.

Here’s a video of Jeffrey dishing out the goods…

2 thoughts on “10 Ways Consultants Can Offer Value to Their Clients

  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for sharing the tips. It is so true when clients are comfortable with you and the values you provide, the more they are willing to engage your consultant services.
    Like what we use to say in our sales pitch “sell benefit not features”


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