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Author: Michael Zipursky

Building Powerful Consulting Peer Groups with Leo Bottary: Podcast #222

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people. To shed light on the premise of strength in numbers in forming powerful consulting peer groups, Michael Zipursky welcomes founder and managing partner at Peernovation, Leo Bottary. As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Leo focuses on peer advantage in …

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Choice Architecture: How Consultants Make Better Business Decisions With Eric Johnson: Podcast #221

How do you make better business decisions? By taking a look at the best information. Michael Zipursky’s guest in this episode is Eric Johnson, the director of the Center for Decision Sciences at Columbia Business School. Eric talks with Michael about how we often choose a decision and we don’t revisit it. For example, if …

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Consulting Certifications: The Uncomfortable Truth (& What To Focus On Instead)

Do consulting certifications really matter? The other day, a consultant sent me an email. They asked… “What type of consulting certification should I get to become a more successful consultant?” “You don’t need any consulting certification to be successful in this business,” I responded. I was speaking with another consultant in Australia. He told me …

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Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Your Consulting Business with Phillip Stutts: Podcast #220

If there is one thing the corporate world can learn from politics, it is data-driven marketing. By looking at actual audience behavior and relationship-building tactics, effective strategies that yield tangible results can be developed. Michael Zipursky sits down with Phillip Stutts, Founder/CEO of Win Big Media, to share how he came up with his undefeated …

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Unconventional PR Strategies To Get Consulting Clients with Darian Kovacs: Podcast #218

Many people take their marketing strategies for granted, and thus continue using old, ineffective techniques. Setting aside tactics that do not work in favor of unconventional PR strategies is always recommended. However, most businesses are afraid to get out of their comfort zones. Michael Zipursky is joined by Darian Kovacs, who shares the incredible story …

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How To Build A Sustainable Consulting Business With Kate Gaertner: Podcast #217

How do you build a sustainable consulting business? One effective way is to keep your carbon footprint low. Michael Zipursky’s guest in this episode is Kate Gaertner, the Founder and CEO of TripleWin Advisory. Kate talks with Michael about how the pandemic changed how the consulting business works. If before, business travels and face-to-face meetings were required, …

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