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Author: Michael Zipursky

10 Consulting Myths BUSTED (Beware Of Gurus)

Everywhere you look there are gurus, coaches, and course creators who claim they can help you become a successful consultant. And that’s a great thing. The consulting market is growing. The pie is getting bigger and bigger — and everyone can have a piece. However, we’ve noticed some of these gurus are peddling myths. As …

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How to Hire and Optimize Your Consulting Team with Mike Zani: Podcast #201

Having the right consulting team is critical to establishing a strong and stable organization and, ultimately, a successful business. Today’s guest is Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, a talent optimization platform that helps businesses build high-performing teams and cultures. He joins host Michael Zipursky to share the aspects of an individual he focuses …

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How the Founders of Consulting Success Use Values to Supercharge Consulting Businesses with Sam Zipursky: Podcast #200

Most business owners tend not to see the importance of establishing values. However, business values are the compass that ensures your organization aligns with whatever vision you have for the company. Joining Michael Zipursky in this special episode is his cousin and co-founder of Consulting Success, Sam Zipursky. Together, they share the values behind Consulting …

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