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Be Fit, Be Successful

By Michael Zipursky

Thinking about the consulting success I’ve achieved over the years I realize that part of it is due to my attitude and outlook on life.

I’ve always been an optimistic person. When I encounter a challenge rarely do I back down from it.

One thing that has helped me to stay focused and motivated is my health.

No longer am I a star athlete (I was in my early years), but I do maintain a very healthy lifestyle.

I eat good food and get lots of exercise.

5 to 6 times a week I hit the gym. While my workouts can be short – 20-40 minutes they do wonders for my body, mind and business.

Exercising has many benefits:

  • I come up with some of my best ideas at the gym.
  • Working out provides a boost of energy.
  • When I work out I want to eat more healthy.
  • Relieves the tightness in my neck and back from working at my desk.
  • I keep in shape, feel good about my self and my body.

My typical routine might look like this:

  1. A few stretches.
  2. Running on the treadmill.
  3. Longer stretches.
  4. Sit ups in 3 positions.
  5. Shoulder pushes with weights.
  6. Push ups.
  7. Bench press.
  8. Bicep curls.
  9. A few more core exercises.
  10. Hit the hot tub.
  11. 20 laps in the pool.
  12. Shower and done.

When I finish a workout like this I feel great. My mind is clear. My confidence is high.

If you’re not someone that naturally likes to go to the gym you can make it easier on yourself by listening to music as you workout, listen to a business interview, or go for a walk.

No matter how busy you are, you really should make time to exercise. Your body, your mind and your business will thank you for it.

If you go to the gym, what’s your favorite exercise? If you don’t, what’s holding you back?

13 thoughts on “Be Fit, Be Successful

  1. Islam says:

    I felt depressed today because my knees hurts me while going upstairs
    I would make more progress if I had the required fitness

      • Islam says:

        Dear Michael
        I lost 8 Kgs and i am planning to lose another 4Kgs
        I feel good


  2. Stanley says:

    I think this is a great point you make. Since I started my running routine I get more energy and stuff done each week.

  3. Aaron H. says:

    I know!!! This is something I must do more of. It’s my plan but I have too many things going on that it goes at the bottom of my pile.

    • Aaron – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re running your own business. Fitness and health is critical, not only to your success in business but also to your overall life. I suggest finding a time that you designate as your ‘workout’ time. Start off with once or twice a week an go from there. Stick to that religiously and soon enough you’ll find that you’ve created a ‘habit’ of working out and it’ll become a part of your life.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Michael, while I completely agree with the topic (being fit is a good thing), I can’t help myself to wonder exactly why you posted this sentence: “No longer am I a star athlete (I was in my early years), but I do maintain a very healthy lifestyle.”

    What is the point you are trying to make? In my opinion, this sentence looks narcissistic and doesn’t bring value to the argument: even if you were the least athletic guy in the world, fitness would be great anyway. I insist on that because it actually gives the impression that you may be immature or even worse, arrogant. And since arrogance is one of the deadly sins for consultants, I believe it should be avoided at all costs—particularly in a marketing material such as this blog post.

    • Thomas – thanks for the comment. I said it because it’s true and to share something with readers that they may not have known about me. When I was growing up, sports was my life. I lived and breathed sports (rugby, baseball, soccer, track and field…) and won several awards.

  5. I use to take a 6am spin class, getting up and going that early was amazing. I got so much done before the time that I would normally get to my desk. I really need to get back to that, most days I am so sluggish and tired. Thanks for the reminder of how important excercise is.

  6. The information is very interesting. It made me understand something, and it is that I never knew before.

  7. You are SO correct! When I work-out things are clearer for me. I often find myself jotting notes on the notepad in my iPhone as I peddle away on the bike.

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