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Consultant Questions: Part 2

By Michael Zipursky

Consultant Q&A Part 2

Consultant Questions: Part 2 (25:56)

This is the second round of answers to your questions about starting, running and growing a successful consulting business.

Questions covered include increasing consulting fees, delivering more value on client projects, creating an online presence and more.

6 thoughts on “Consultant Questions: Part 2

  1. Hi Michael. Your answers were very enlightening. Some I already knew, but you explained them all in a way that gelled togher and brought me greater clarity. I would like to hear more on how to create a successful online presence. You see, I am both a business consultant and a business coach.

    I prepare Strategic Business Plans and Business Proposals for companies(mainly SME’s), and then coach them in implementing same. Would love to hear more on this. i am in Guyana, South America.

    Claude Mc Garrell

    • Claude – thank you. I’m happy to hear that you found this useful. I will look at covering the topic of creating an online presence in more detail – and then put together some articles or another audio. If there are specific questions you have or areas you’d like covered let me know.

  2. Terry says:

    Hello Michael. I first want to thank you for your generosity in sharing your time & expertise. I have 2 questions both relating to the Initial Assessment you mentioned: Q1: How much info should be included in the initial assessment and in what order should it be presented? – Do you have a suggested outline that gives a “good healthy slice of value” without giving away the whole cake?

    and Q2: For a small business client (less than 100 employees); How many hours or days should an initial assessment take? Again; I extend my thanks. – Terry in California, USA

    • Terry – always nice to get a thoughtful comment. Are you referring to a pre-qualification assessment with a new client or an assessment as the first stage in a new project – which you are paid for?

      • Terry says:

        The latter; the first stage in a new paid project assessment. (However; I would like to know what you’d outline for the “pre-qualification” as well).

        • Terry – the paid assessment will differ depending on what service you are providing. The general guide to follow is to think about how you can go into your client’s business and do an assessment to see where they are at. But you need to go deep because the result should help the client see where they are at and where the challenges are. Plus you should outline potential areas for improvement. The assessment and recommendations that you provide must be valuable – you’re getting paid to do this – and your client could go off and implement them on their own. Almost none will, and instead, will then hire you to do that for them. If you want to get into more detail on any of this send me an email and we can setup a strategy call for this.

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