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How To Develop a Consultants Marketing Plan

Regardless of the size of your consulting businesses, your marketing plan should include input from every aspect of your consultancy. If your consulting practice is small, you should get feedback from your accountant, your attorney and any other connected party. If your consulting business is larger, get input from every department. The involvement of these departments and connected persons will not only help in the development of your marketing plan but it will assure awareness of the plan throughout all the working parts of your consulting business.

As a consultant, you must identify your product, your product’s value, your business practices and business philosophy, your vision and your consulting company’s mission. Once your marketing plan is in place, integrate the plan in every action your company takes.

Developing your marketing plan involves four critical steps.

1. Research and analyze your product and the market for the product.
2. Organize and write the plan
3. Implement the plan throughout every component of your business.
4. Constantly evaluate the results of your marketing plan.

Researching and analyzing your consulting product should help identify your prospective buyers, your strengths, weaknesses and your future potential. Awareness of these elements will allow you to set realistic goals, to anticipate opportunities, prepare presentations, set pricing and establish value while planning for the distribution of materials. Effective research and analysis should serve as a strategic and tactical road map for the future of your consultancy.

With this information in place, begin to articulate and write your plan. You should have complete oral and written command of your marketing plan. Define your product’s features, the product benefits and your expertise. Describe your consulting reliability and credentials and determine your company appearance and packaging. Leave no stone unturned.

Next, you must implement your marketing plan. This implementation starts with you. You must be the lead spokesperson and role model for your marketing plan. As such, you have the right to insist that everyone representing your consulting practice conform with your plan. You must insist upon consistent conformity.

As the watch dog of your consulting business plan, establish a precedent for periodic reviews. Doubtless your consulting business will undergo changes. Changes that are defined within the marketing plan and integrated into the consulting practice are positive changes. Always keep an eye to the future and seek ways to improve your product and its value.


Develop a predictable
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