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7 Step Consultant’s Marketing Road Map

By Consulting Success

The ideal road map for marketing your business consulting services is a low cost, high return plan that cuts through resistance and sets your consulting company apart from the masses. You want your message in front of clients needing services in your areas of expertise.

The perfect road map will take time to chart and may need some revision along the way. Consulting firms use differing plans to get to their goal line. While there is no standardized package outlining the perfect map, your road map should include these seven basic attributes.

  1. Your map must help you sell your consulting services – Your road map must expedite the delivery of your unique qualities to prospective clients. The primary purpose of your road map is to set a course that generates leads for new projects.
  2. Your map forces follow-up on leads – When consultants are busy, they tend to concentrate their energy on the project. Your road map must insure that you consistently follow-up on all leads with the same enthusiasm and vigor. Your consultancy marketing road map will directs all ongoing proactive marketing efforts.
  3. Your map must reach targeted clients – Not only is your road map pointed at targeted prospects, it must assure that your message reaches those targets on all marketing levels. Your message needs reinforced exposure. Your road map relentlessly puts your message on the table.
  4. Your map must inspire confidence – Now that clients are receiving your message, that message needs positive reinforcement. You want clients to recognize your consulting company name and message. Recognition does breed confidence. Your road map will boost that confidence with programs that constantly show your consultancy in a positive light.
  5. Your map must assure complete integration of your message – You have identified all the weapons in your strategic marketing arsenal. Now, you must coordinate those weapons for a full scale attack. Your message must be fully integrated into all departments, all forms of media and in every public service your consulting firm provides. Your map keeps driving your message home through multi-staged delivery systems.
  6. Your map builds your consulting brand – In addition to generating leads, your marketing road map will enhance your consultancy’s reputation and brand. Prospects should be drawn to the magnetism of your reputation and this attraction will lead to new projects. By consistently delivering your message, the marketplace will begin to identify your consulting company’s brand.
  7. Your road map must deliver visual impact – Your consulting practice needs a strong, unique visual image. This image must reflect your innovative and creative abilities. Your road map must promote that visual image on all fronts. Your goal is that current and prospective clients identify that visual image with your service.

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