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9 Tips for Strategic Marketing Consultants

By Consulting Success

Rather than using outdated slogans, elevate your strategic marketing consulting practice to the top with a new age action plan that engages the client on 9 fronts.

  1. Areas of Expertise – Establish the fields of expertise where your consulting services are acknowledged and proven leaders. Concentrate on those areas of expertise and keep drilling your success into the marketplace. Let the client’s walls resonate with your consultancy’s brilliance.
  2. Innovate – Be what everyone else aspires to be. Become recognized as an innovator. Be the consulting practice that finds unique solutions or uses unique practices to create unique solutions. Innovators capture attention. Never follow, always lead.
  3. Keep it Simple – Regardless of the brilliance of your solutions, do not pontificate. Be prepared to explain your products, your services and solutions in simple, easy-to-absorb language. If necessary, educate the client and let them enjoy and savor your remedies. If your solutions are complex, break them down into explainable segments.
  4. Testimonials – Resource testimonials surpass all others. If you have references and testimonials from recognizable third-party universities, think-tanks or well-known institutions, put them to work in your marketing strategy. Those are the type testimonials that are unique to your practice and that is what clients want to see and hear.
  5. Guarantee Results – The consultant’s guarantee will look and sound good. Be sure you can deliver. Back the guarantee with strong performance and simple language. Your word is your bond. If you can reduce absenteeism, or increase productivity or increase value, say so. Do not force a guarantee. If you issue the guarantee, put it in simple language. If your intended guarantee is burdened with contingencies, do not put it on the table.
  6. Be Honest – Clients are skeptical about consulting company claims of success. Be forthright about your consultancy’s successes. Do not overstate the complexity of projects or their results. Be real. Be prepared to explain stumbling blocks, what makes projects work and factors that are destructive.
  7. Show Your Hand Early – Make sure your new client-consultant relationship starts well. Give away a tip, some work samples or show a genuine willingness to make the project flow easily by extending yourself early in the project. Be easy to work with and offer free, constructive solutions to developing a working relationship. Allow the client’s staff to excel. You are setting the stage for a win-win consultancy.
  8. Be First – This is another way to set your consulting services apart from the masses. Identify the item or items that your consultancy accomplished first. This is another example of the uniqueness of your services. Even if the accomplishment is small, it is a beginning. Keep track of these “first to accomplish” tasks as your practice expands.
  9. Avoid the Conventional – Every other firm is trying to help you. Let them. They see an idea that sticks and they rush to duplicate the success. Stand apart form the herd. View the beaten path the way your clients do. See the herd charging down the path and be the consulting firm that stands apart, holding your own ground, climbing new heights. Be a trail blazer, not a path follower.

As an independent thinker and an independent consulting practice, you will always need to assert your individualism. Let your independence ring out with forward-thinking insight and forward-thinking business practices. Realize that for projects you want, it is your independence that will win the new client and the next project.

5 thoughts on “9 Tips for Strategic Marketing Consultants

  1. Ricardo SG says:

    How do you suggest to become the authority in your field , which steps should be applied as marketing strategy?
    Thanks R

    • Ricardo, that’s a great question and a big one. I suggest reading the articles on this site regarding marketing and creating expert status. To get into your specific situation I’d suggest you schedule a 1-on-1 call or look for a new program we’ll be launching soon. Wishing you the best.

  2. Micheal Bian says:

    wow nice! all your ideas are great. thanks for sharing r.

  3. AXS2 Marketing says:

    Excellent blog. This blog has a lot of information regarding my needs. I’ll definitely put it to good use.

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