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Consulting Proposal & Agreement Guide: Updated

By Michael Zipursky
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In addition to the Consulting Proposal templates provided in the Consulting Proposal and Agreement Guide, many people asked if I could also include a more standard Consulting Agreement.

You know I value your feedback. So I gave this some thought and decided to include a template for a Traditional Consulting Agreement.

This is a 3 page agreement template that you can quickly and easily update in Microsoft Word or other word processing program…and start using right away.

I still recommend using one of the other 2 proposal and agreement templates – as I’ve found they add more value to the consulting project and often lead to higher paid engagements.

However, I think many of you will find having this new agreement as another option to be helpful.

Starting today, each purchase of the Consulting Proposal & Agreement Guide will automatically include the new agreement template.

You can get your copy here: Consulting Proposal & Agreement Guide

PS. These proposal templates have been used to generate millions of dollars of consulting sales. If you’re new to consulting or are looking to improve on your current proposal process to win more business, I think you’ll find a great deal of value in this. Details here…

One thought on “Consulting Proposal & Agreement Guide: Updated

  1. kriya says:

    Very neat post.Consulting proposal is nothing but contact between consultant and client it identifies the terms and conditions.

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