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Current Client Value vs. New Client Value

By Michael Zipursky

All clients are valuable.

As consultants our job is to serve our clients and to provide them with value and results.

It’s far easier to win more business from an existing client than it is to win a new one.

We should leave them in a better place and in better condition than when we started working with them.

I’ve said for many years that as consultants we’re in the marketing business, not the consulting business.

Without a client – which comes as the result of marketing and promotion – we lack the opportunity to do the work we are skilled at.

Don’t Get Lost

One thing that gets lost in most conversations about consulting and marketing is the value of current clients.

Consultants often fail to realize the importance of marketing. And when they do they first turn to trying to attract new clients.

That action is accurate and prudent. However it often leaves an even greater opportunity neglected.

BIG Opportunity

And that opportunity is to grow your business through existing and current clients.

It’s far easier to win more business from an existing client than it is to win a new one.

Yet consultants often win a project, service the client and move their focus to the next client.

They fail to put the relationship with the current client first.

They don’t create a platform to serve their clients on for the long term.

Get Clear

I’m not suggesting that you stop marketing to attract new clients.

That’s critical and it’s what I teach consultants in my marketing program.

But don’t forget your current clients.

Think about how you can best serve them. Provide them with more and greater value.

Put them first. When you do you’ll see greater results.

Michael Zipursky

2 thoughts on “Current Client Value vs. New Client Value

  1. Ted Smith says:

    Thank you for the steps on how to become a consultant. I really enjoy working with people to help their businesses do better. It is like a puzzle in a way to figure out how to help the business. I really like the tip to not go at it alone. That is a really big mistake because you also need someone to consult about what you plan to do with the business your working with. It is better to have someone help you in my opinion.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article Ted. Is your comment for this post or another one? Seems like you may have read a different article first and then posted here. Either way glad to have you here!

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