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Attract High-Paying Consulting Clients and Hit 400% Revenue Growth

By Michael Zipursky

Corrie Banks, President of Triskele Logistics and Consulting, has over 18 years of experience in the supply chain industry, which, along the way, is why she decided to start her own supply chain consulting firm. Triskele Logistics and Consulting focuses on continuous improvements and process improvements for supply chain companies, whether it’s a warehouse or trucking company, or a even a CPG company that requires assistance in optimizing their supply chain.

She was working on an hourly rate – trading time for dollars. The shift Corrie has made using Michael’s process has allowed her to land 3X more clients and grow revenues by 400%.


Before coming across Michael Zipursky’s coaching program, Corrie had one major client, and one smaller client where she was doing ad hoc work; the total contract size was $80-100K a year. Corrie was able to keep the lights on and keep moving forward, but her client base was not diversified, and she wasn’t positioned as an expert in her industry. She wanted to open doors and get people to understand who she was, what she could do, and what she was capable of, but wasn’t in a place where she felt that she could achieve any of those three goals—and had been trying to do so for over a year and a half.


Before working with Michael, Corrie would feel nervous and hesitant when trying to reach out and contact various people in the industry. She was unsure how to approach these people, and was even unsure about what to say. As a result, the meetings she did have would lead nowhere—they would be great meet and greets, but no opportunities would stem for Corrie from these meetings.

Michael offered a way to fix these problems through a change in Corrie’s value proposition. Instead of a general approach to all industries, Corrie started to take the time to frame and understand what potential clients were looking for and what their challenges were, and how her experience in those situations would be able to help provide a viable solution.

Michael also worked with Corrie so she felt more confident and go after the clients she wanted and that would truly value her expertise, rather than sticking to the smaller companies she would normally work with.


300% more clients and 400% more revenue

“Michael Zipursky is a great coach, leader and mentor. His process, the training and coaching program have helped me triple my client list, quadruple my revenue. He’s also helped me be more efficient and effective with managing my time. His program has paid huge dividends, and has transformed my business.”

Corrie Banks, President
Triskele Logistics and Consulting

This change in strategy that Corrie learned has not only significantly changed how potential (and existing) clients approach her – they now seek her out for her expertise – it has even led to how people respond to Corrie over email. Before, Corrie would reach out to prospects via email and would have a very low response rate—now, the emails are concise, targeted and effective, and she gets responses right away. The confident and targeted conversations have led to three major results for Corrie:

  1. From a pure dialogue perspective, Corrie is now able to put herself in front of the right people so they know who she is. The dialogue might not lead to a project at immediately, but the conversations keep her top of mind for future projects. She’s now creating massive opportunities and a full pipeline, rather than focusing solely short-term.
  2. As Corrie progressed though Michael’s coaching program, her client base changed significantly—the clients became bigger and investment at higher levels with Corrie. As a result of all these changes Corrie is now getting more clients and projects by being recognized an expert in her field. She is also more comfortable, confident and is commanding higher fees.
  3. Before working with Michael, some of Corrie’s projects were only for a few thousand dollars a month. She was working on an hourly rate – trading time for dollars. The shift Corrie has made using Michael’s process has allowed her to land 3X more clients and grow revenues by 400%.

Corrie is now growing her business, earning more and having a lot more fun. She’s able to select which clients she wants to work with and is commanding top dollar for the value she creates. Through Michael’s coaching program, Corrie has been able to grow her business to bring on staff and plans to make another hire in the coming months. This has helped to free Corrie up to focus on her highest valued work  and led to the best work-life balance she’s had in years.

Want More Clients and Higher Fees?

If you’re a consultant or coach and want to learn how you can consistently attract your ideal clients and earn higher fees contact Michael here.

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  1. Humberto González Lara says:

    A good teacher leads a good pupil towards unsuspected levels. Congratulations for you both, and thanks for sharing this experience.

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