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Double Your Consulting Fees and Land a $49,500 Consulting Project In ONE Week

By Michael Zipursky
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One of my clients posted this success story…

I didn’t know they doubled their fees even before they joined our Accelerator Coaching Program for consultants. (Note: now upgraded and renamed to the Clarity coaching program).

And they did that as a result of reading one of my articles. That’s AWESOME!

I love working with clients who take MASSIVE action. This client is such a great example of this. A true trailblazer.

Here’s a screenshot from their message:
double consulting fees

Their pipeline is filling up with new opportunities and leads…

…they landed $49,500 from one client project within a week as a result of focusing on the right sales conversation and process.

And they have 5 more $45,000 proposals that ideal clients are eagerly waiting on.

Big things coming for this client? You bet!

I’m super excited for them.

If you run a consulting business and are ready to take it to the next level, let’s connect.

More details here on the Clarity Coaching Program

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