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Why The Results You See, Mirror Your Actions

By Michael Zipursky
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Dear Consultant,

Do you want clients to invest in you?

If you want to to have more clients invest in your services, start investing in your own business.

If your answer is YES, the next question to consider is, do you invest in yourself?

You’ve probably heard of the idea of leading by example.

Though you may KNOW about this idea, it doesn’t mean you’re LIVING it.

In fact, I continue to see consultants struggle in this area.

Here are a few examples:

  • The consultant wants their clients to invest higher fees with them, yet they aren’t willing to invest real money into their own business.
  • The consultant wants their clients to make a decision about hiring them for the project so they can get started on the work. But the consultant often delays and is indecisive when it comes time for them to make their own decisions.
  • The consultant doesn’t want their clients to negotiate down their fees. Yet the consultant themselves always tries to negotiate down the fees they pay for everything they buy.

The most successful consultants and entrepreneurs LIVE this idea.

Leadership by example isn’t an experimental theory. In fact, a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology by T Yaffe and R Kark supports the idea.

The study found that when people see you make a commitment and honor it, they are much more likely to follow course and take similar action themselves.

An effective way to benefit from this, is to let your actions reflect the results you want to see.

If you want your spouse or child to show you more love, first give them more attention, more appreciation and more love.

If you want your clients to be more decisive, be more decisive yourself.

If you want to to have more clients invest in your services, start investing in your own business.

Remember, the results you see mirror your actions.

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