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Why Do Companies Need Green Business Consultants?

By Consulting Success
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Green business consulting is essential and is fast gaining popularity amongst organizations of all sizes and all over the world.

Because governments have realized that our impact as humans on the planet, our manufacturing, processing and energy generation, amongst a host of other activities, all contribute to global warming, and other environmental problems, they have all introduced much tighter controls on what is allowed, and how one must operate a business.

If want to become a green consultant, here are a few of the issues you will help businesses address:

  • Planning and permission. Whenever a company makes changes to their operations or even constructs a new plant, they will need to do planning for environmental impact assessment purposes, as well as obtain the necessary permits to go ahead with the changes. Preparing and submitting these documents to the necessary authorities will form a part of your practice.
  • Media and public relations can play a part in the green consultants role, either as a preliminary method, by releasing press statements indicating the expected level of environmental impact of a particular project, or, when there is cause for concern, by effectively informing the public and role players of the extent of that impact and other facts.
  • Training of employees in proper environmental management practices, including how to avoid contamination. This can be of particular importance in the construction and development sector, where operations can result in contamination by hazardous materials, such as concrete and paint, or where indigenous vegetation or animals need to be preserved.
  • Development of new facilities, equipment, processes and systems by which environmental impact on earth, water, air and living organisms, including people, animals and plants can be lessened and minimized.
  • Development and implementation of reporting methods and processes, whereby companies can track and record any incidents that may occur.
  • Conducting compliance audits, in accordance with local, state or federal regulations, as well as checking on the implementation of environmental management plans.
  • Environmental consulting firms are also involved in business aspects of planning, ensuring that the processes and systems a company has in place are effective in terms of environmental protection, and also the most cost efficient method of maintaining that protection.

As a green consultant, or environmental consulting firm, you will have the option of choosing to service some or all of these aspects of this consulting niche.

For example, if you, as the consultant, have a background in law, your core focus areas may be investigating requirements, obtaining permits, ensuring compliance, and perhaps taking on a media relations role.

If, however, you have a background in engineering, you may choose to become more involved in the design and development of systems, processes or even equipment with which to better deal with environmental issues.

You may also choose to combine various skills, by taking on partners, and offering a full service consultancy. Whichever niches you do choose however, make sure that you are well versed in all aspects of your niche, and that you provide the last word in expert advice and top notch service.

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