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How to Choose a Consulting Firm Name (Best Practices + Examples)

By Michael Zipursky

Let’s talk about consulting firm names.

Consultants ask me on a pretty frequent and regular basis…

  • Does a consulting firm name really matter?
  • What should I call my consulting business?
  • How should I position my consulting practice in terms of its naming?

These are important questions.

And new consultants ask these questions when they start their consulting business.

Or, if you’re looking to transition from corporate to consultant, you need to figure out your consulting firm’s name.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about consulting firm names and how to name your consulting firm.


Does the Name Of Your Consulting Business Really Matter?

But first, you’re probably wondering…

…does a consulting firm name really matter?

It really depends on what your consulting business is about — and how you’re looking to structure your business.


Here’s a copy of our book, The Consulting Success: The proven guide to start, run and grow a successful consulting business.

No one buys this book simply because it’s called Consulting Success.

They buy this book (and maybe you’ve bought the book) because you know who the author is.

You don’t need to have everything ready to start making an impact in the market, to start getting out there. That’s the same thing with your consulting firm name.

You’re familiar with the brand.

When we talk about naming, it’s more about the brand than it is about the name.

Most people don’t just buy from a company called ABC or from a company called Heinz, Toyota, or General Electric just because they think it’s a cool name.

Branding Your Own Name

You don’t go out and buy a Tesla just because you think that the Tesla name itself is cool.

Your buyers — the buyers of your consulting services — make buying decisions based on your brand.

Your consulting firm name can be interesting and powerful to get someone’s attention.

But, it isn’t the determining factor of why a buyer chooses to buy from you. And it’s often not even why they select you or why they reach out to you, either.

Consulting Firm Names Vs Branding

Your brand is made up of many factors: your positioning, your expertise, your value proposition, and who you are as a person.

Your consulting firm’s name doesn’t make or break your business.

It’s more about how you’ve established and built and developed your brand in the marketplace.

People will come to know you by your brand, not your consulting firm’s name.

branded consulting firm names
TIG Brands: an example of a branded consulting firm name

Many consultants end up using their own name to name their consulting business.

Using Your Own Name

Many consultants use their last names to name their firms.

Or, they call their business by their own name.


John Henry Consultants or Sarah Whittaker Associates.

Most people don’t just buy from a company called ABC or from a company called Heinz or Toyota or General Electric just because they think it’s a cool name.

Does using your own name to name your consulting firm make sense? Is that a good thing to do?

The answer to that is, again, it depends on what your goals are and your consulting business model.

Using your name as a business name makes sense if you are the brand.

Noah Fleming’s consulting firm name and logo

If your consulting business is very personal, and buyers are reaching out to and buying from you because they see you as the expert, then it’s a good idea to name your firm after yourself.

Finding Your Name Online

That’s what people are going to be searching for online. They’re going to see you speaking. They’re going to read your book.

They’re going to check out your report, video, podcast — or whatever it might be. They’re going to hear about you specifically.

They’re going to know you as the brand.

And they’re going to search you out online — or they’re going to ask someone else — but then it’s important that they’re able to find you in particular.

Make sure that you’ve created digital marketing assets like a comprehensive LinkedIn profile and consulting website.

Are You Planning an Exit Strategy?

Do want to create a consulting business that is much larger than you?

Do you envision a time where there are going to be other consultants or employees working at your firm?

If so, naming the business after yourself might not be the best approach. If you want to build a bigger firm, then your name should convey more about what you do as a consulting firm.

If the name is attached to you and you’re planning to grow your consulting business with a potential to exit — to sell the business down the road — having that name directly attached to you isn’t the best decision.

How To Pick A Consulting Firm Name

Step 1: Decide your end goal. Do you want to stay independent and build yourself up as the brand (option A), or build more of a team and potentially sell your firm in the future (option B)?

Step 2, Option A: If you want to stay independent and build yourself up as the brand, use your name.

You can use your first name, last name a combination of the two — and also append something like “associates” or “group.”


Step 2, Option B: If you want to eventually build a team and perhaps sell your firm one day, create a branded name.

Branded names are tougher to create. You’ll need to get creative when coming up with one. They should always tie into the overall mission of your consulting business.


Step 3: Once you’ve selected your consulting firm name, use Namecheckr sure that the domain name and social media profiles are available. Buy the domain name (.com is preferable).

That’s it! You’ve just named your consulting business. Now it’s time to move onto the important stuff — starting a consulting business the right way.

Consulting Firm Name Strategy for the Majority

For the vast majority of consultants, using your own name as the consulting business name works perfectly. You can use your last name or a part of your name and append ‘consulting,’ ‘associates,’ ‘partners’ (if there’s more than one person), or ‘strategy.’

Don’t overthink your consulting firm name. Too many consultants tell me…

“I’m waiting to re-launch my business, to really get out there until I have my name and my branding and my website and my logo ready.”


“I need to have my glossy brochures and my business card before I make a slash in the market.”

That is ridiculous. Don’t wait.

You don’t need to have everything ready to start making an impact in the market. The same thing goes with your consulting firm name.

Don’t let trying to choose the perfect consulting firm name hold you back from taking action.

The real action that matters most is to get in front of your ideal clients, to gain visibility and exposure, and to start creating meaningful conversations with real buyers.

4 thoughts on “How to Choose a Consulting Firm Name (Best Practices + Examples)

  1. Nevin Kamath says:


  2. Thoughts on “Consulting” vs. “Consultants” in the consulting firm name? I speak and coach for a real estate investment education company and my consulting business will be focused on time management, productivity and motivation for new entrepreneurs starting out in real estate investing, as well as the same for the building material supplier industry (manufacturers, distributors and retailers of building materials). These will be my target customers. I have a name in mind but am curious for feedback on consulting vs consultants before I form the entity. Thanks in advance! Shaun

    • Shaun great question. I haven’t seen many firms use ‘consultants’ in their name. Doesn’t mean it can’t work. Makes me think more of an engineering consultancy. I can’t think of any reason not to go with it however.

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