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Increase Your Fees with the Right Consulting Clients

By Michael Zipursky
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The average price for a detached home in my city is $1.29M (yes, that’s mi-lli-on).

As a result many young couples are moving into the suburbs to find a home they can afford.

Remember, you can always earn more. There is no limit to what you can earn as a consultant.

Others are deciding to re-arrange their priorities and live in a condo in the city – giving up space for convenience.

The housing market is like consulting.

I drive or walk by homes that sell for $4-10M almost every day.

That’s a great deal of money. Yet, people buy and sell these homes throughout the city all the time.

As a consultant you might want to earn more and yet believe that you can’t raise your fees…that people won’t be willing to pay more.

Here’s the thing, you can always charge more.

Just like I can show you a house that is listed for $5M I can also point one out that is on for $7.5M and even $15M.

And like one consultant can charge $5000 per project, I can show you another consultant that receives $50,000 per project, and another that gets $200,000 per project.

The issue is never that someone can’t afford your fee, or that they won’t be willing to pay that much.

As a consultant you need to identify your ideal clients, the ones that can and will pay the fee you want to receive.

If you’re trying to sell a $75,000 consulting package to a small business owner that grossed $100,000 last year, you’re going to face an uphill battle.

Remember, you can always earn more. There is no limit to what you can earn as a consultant. But you can’t sell a $2M house to a recent graduate with no savings or credit.

Figure out who your ideal clients are and how to best position and package your offer so that they want to buy what you’re selling. Then produce for them extraordinary results that they want to compensate you well for.

If you’re feeling stuck and looking for ideas on how to consistently attract more ideal clients while increasing your income and growing your business, then complete the form here so we can setup a time to talk.

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