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Is Your Consulting Website This Hard to Use?

By Michael Zipursky
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I was working on some research the other day online and somehow landed on a page that blew my mind. Mind you, not in a good way…

This has got to be one of the best examples of information overload and confusing and conflicting messages I’ve come across on the web (or anywhere else for that matter) in a long time.

Check this out…

Is your website this hard to use? I sure hope not.

This service is only $0! No, wait!! It’s actually $16 per day! What? No…wait a minute. Oh, now I get it…it is 16 cents a day.

Combine that with 3 different options that have no labelling as to why they are different. Woops…my mistake, if you look at the small gray writing under the big numbers you’ll see that the pricing varies with your choice of paying for 1 year, 3 months, or 30 days.

Plus you can pay 9 times. Download and Play! Wonder if we could do it all at once?

Key Point
On the web people have NO TIME. They’re brains aren’t working. Okay, they are, but their attention span is almost zilch, nadda, zip. Know what I mean?

So the minute you start introducing too many messages or mix them with several offerings not clearly labelled y ou can be sure you’re doing more harm than good.

If this company is making money…they’d make a boatload more if they ‘cleaned up their act’.

Have you seen any other examples like this online? Do share…

One thought on “Is Your Consulting Website This Hard to Use?

  1. Margaret Henken says:

    Haha, this is quite funny. I am shocked to see this. But there’s a lot of junk out there these days.

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