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Marketing Mondays: 1 Year Marketing Plan for Consultants

By Michael Zipursky

On average, it takes 7 touches (points of contact) to take someone from being a prospect through to being a paying client.

If you’ve been reading the consulting articles on Consulting Success® for a long time or have purchased any of our consulting products you’ll know that I’m a big believer in long-term relationship building marketing strategies.

On average, it takes 7 touches (points of contact) to take someone from being a prospect through to being a paying client.

When I tell this to the consultants I work with and coach who are looking to get more bang from their marketing buck, without fail, they ask…what am I supposed to do for those 7 contacts?

So let me provide you with a sample full one-year marketing plan for consultants:

Month 1 – Setup a meeting with a prospective client and have the meeting. Then follow up with a note on how you enjoyed meeting them. Hint: Sending the ‘it was nice to meet you’ note in the mail trumps email every time.

Month 2 – Send an educational newsletter with valuable tips.

Month 3 – Send them an email with a “cut out” of an industry article they would find interesting.

Month 4 – Call them to see how things are going (and if you can be of any help). Hint: This isn’t a ‘sales call’. You are not calling them to directly sell anything. Rather your goal here is to check in on them and see if you can be of help or answer any questions they may have.

Month 5 – Highlight a case study of a successful project you just completed.

Month 6 – Send another newsletter with valuable tips.

Month 7 – Offer them an assessment or a critique on a part of their business.

Month 8 – Invite them to a seminar or workshop you’re putting on.

Month 9 – Send them an article or blog post that you contributed to an established publication.

Month 10 – Announce a new service or promotion you are offering.

Month 11 – Send a third newsletter with valuable tips.

Month 12 – Send a case study or results from a recent project or highlight some testimonials from clients.

There you go my friend. That’s one action for you to take each month for a whole year!

Do that with every prospective client you meet and your business will, in my experience from doing this for over a decade, see significant growth.

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5 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: 1 Year Marketing Plan for Consultants

  1. Some great suggestions Andrea. However, I would caution consultants about over-communicating with clients. People are very busy these days and inundated by electronic communications. Therein lies the challenge for consultants – to strike the right balance between value-added communications and remaining top-of-mind with the client.

  2. Goseebeverly says:

    I think that once a month is not over-communication. I have people emailing me every day or every other day and that is what I consider too much. Once a month with something special will not turn a client away. They will remember you because you are only once a month with information especially for them.

    • Goseebeverly – the key is to deliver value in each communication, and to educate more than sell.

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