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Marketing Mondays: How to Package Your Skills to Increase Sales

By Michael Zipursky

Hey hey! Welcome back to another session of Marketing Mondays.

When you get really good at what you’re doing it’s usually because you’ve figured out a success system that works.

Regardless of what challenges your client is facing, you take them through the system or process you’ve created…and you’re confident it will help them to resolve the problem they are having.

This focus allows you to hone your skills in that area and really develop a name for yourself in that specific industry.

When you get to this stage you have two options:

1. Package and Hop – This is where you package the system and processes that you’ve created, and that have worked so effectively in one industry, and then you take them into another industry.

Say you work with car dealerships. You take your system that you’ve created with all your clients in that industry, and then you enter a different industry, say restaurants, and then apply your systems there.

The common myth is that “it might work for that industry, but it won’t work in ours!”

That’s as true as calling Bernie Madoff “an angel” – it just aint the case.

The reason why this DOES work is because most industries only apply the strategies and principles that everyone else in their industry applies.

When you bring in a different set of strategies, they often provide significant results because they stand out so much from what everyone else in the industry is doing.

It’s like trying to figure out a solution to a problem while sitting at your desk. You try, try some more. Bang your head on the table, but to no avail.

You then change up environments by going for a walk or hitting the gym – and within minutes you have a solution to your problem.

2. Industry Specialization – The other option is to put all your energy into one industry.

If you help dentists with their marketing and patient communications, you may choose to become known as the “dentist marketing gal.”

This focus allows you to hone your skills in that area and really develop a name for yourself in that specific industry.

It doesn’t mean you should just do what everyone else in that industry does.

It means you develop a system of best practices (from many industries) and use them with your clients in that one industry to help them achieve significant results.

This option also allows you to target all of your marketing to one industry.

Whether you choose to package and hop or specialize in one industry, the key to success is developing a system that works.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions below…

10 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: How to Package Your Skills to Increase Sales

  1. Dhammika says:

    Great article agree 100%. I always believe cross functional inputs are needed.

  2. James says:

    Very true indeed this is. I like how you have described two of these as it gives consultants much to think about. Indeed good advice!

  3. Denny Jonesin says:

    Enjoyed this. Will give some thought to #2. It’s a new concept for me. Thank you!

  4. Michael, I love the way you’ve categorized the two focus options. This speaks directly to how we define our niche. Even before we reach the point of an effective success system, we can focus our work on a niche that aligns our passions, skills , expertise and client needs. That alignment of our authentic self leads us to work with our ideal clients which then helps us define our niche from the clients perspective not ours. In other words, we define our niche by what our clients get from our services, not by what we do for them.

  5. Rene Rivers says:

    This was absolutely a great article! It is right on target with what
    I have been working on for the past few weeks. Marketing my skills to
    improve on the service structure how to develop systems that represent
    my industry to work with clients who can benefit from what I can
    provide and apply to their daily business processes on office support

    This article demonstrates how to effectively use strategies that go
    hand in hand with both marketing the skills and the ability to apply
    those skills marketed. It’s all in the effective planning and
    developing as well as applying.

    Looking forward to reading more articles.

  6. Joseph Hughes says:

    I love this philosophy. As I write this, my business partner and I are forming a new partnership to market our IT, web, and marketing services to specific industries, one at a time. The idea is to become an expert in a specific industry, such as healthcare or restaurants, and then duplicate that and bring the system to other industries. I’m very glad to see others see value in this as well. An added bonus to specializing in a particular market/industry and not doing what all the other guys are doing is that you get to request a higher level of compensation because you are unique/expert/top dog.

    • Joseph – thanks for the comment. Come back to the community here and let us know how things go with your business!

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