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Michael Zipursky on How To Lose Money Podcast

By Michael Zipursky

Michael was recently featured on the How To Lose Money podcast, which you can listen to here: How to Lose Money by Selling a Product That Nobody Wants with Michael Zipursky

Any entrepreneur who’s earned success knows that it’s not always fun and games.

If you’ve read our articles or listened to our podcasts, you know that I’ve found tremendous success. Both in my own business and for our coaching clients.

But that’s only part of the story.

In this podcast feature, you’ll learn about one of the big mistakes I made earlier on in my career.

Me and my cousin Sam invested over $20K in a product that nobody wanted.

And it’s those same mistakes that helped us create the many profitable, valuable services that you see today.

It’s chalk-full of lessons applicable for any consultant who wants to create a new product or service with confidence — and knowing your clients will pay for it.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The biggest entrepreneurial blunder I’ve made in my career — and how I bounced back from it
  • The “Imperfect Action” mindset that helps you mitigate risk and iteratively improve your product or service
  • Why talking to the marketplace before launch is critical — and how to do it right

You can listen to the full episode and see the show notes here: How to Lose Money by Selling a Product That Nobody Wants with Michael Zipursky

2 thoughts on “Michael Zipursky on How To Lose Money Podcast

  1. Hi Micheal,
    I stumbled upon your podcast a few weeks ago and have become a total fan. Thank you sooo much for providing such insightful information for free.
    Having completed a bachelor of environmental science, I have always wanted to start my own business in the environmental field. However, until recently I have only worked with government departments on various environmentally related jobs. After helping my current government organisation implement some simple green initiatives and a sustainability policy, I got thinking that perhaps I would like to consult other businesses on “going green”. I really like the idea as I’m a bit of a strategy & performance nerd and would love to tie that into environmental performance that helps businesses improve their triple bottom line. On top of that I have always been a people person and really enjoyed helping clients.
    The problem is, can’t seem to find many similar consultants here in Australia that do this and I do wonder whether the market here is not ready for it? I have built a website and asked many friend and colleagues what they think to get some feedback. Many have said that it won’t work because who would want to spend money on that?
    So then I thought about the pitch, perhaps if I pitch it that businesses can actually save money by going green eg avoiding certain taxes (legally), reducing energy bills etc. then maybe businesses would be more interested.
    I guess my main concern is delving into this too deep if it is a service no one wants to buy.

    How can I get the appropriate feedback quickly and how can I start from complete scratch with no current client base?
    Thanks again for your great website & podcast 🙂


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