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Michael Zipursky on Peak Performers Podcast

By Michael Zipursky
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Michael was recently featured on Peak Performers Podcast, which you can listen to here: How to Market Your Expertise with Michael Zipursky

As a consultant, there’s a lot that you can bring to the table. You’ve worked on many different types of projects with many different types of clients.

But this leads to one of the most common problems among early-stage consultants:

Most consultants want to be all things to all people.

But when you try and be all things to all people, you’re digging yourself into a “marketing hole.”

It’s impossible to get clear on your ideal client if your ideal client is anybody.

This problem trickles down to every part of your consulting business.

You want to write an ad — but who is your ad targeting?

You want to ask for a referral — but what type of referral are you looking for?

With your marketing, you need to be precise.

This is only 1 part of running your consulting business.

And in my latest podcast feature with Thor Conklin of Peak Performance Podcast, we dive into a number of the most common problems that consultants face in their business — and how I think about solving them.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How to make sure the market wants to buy what you’re selling — or has a need for your expertise
  • The key to making the referral chain work — how to leverage the most powerful asset you have
  • What “adding value” really means — and how to adopt an abundance, long-term mindset

You can listen to the full episode and see the show notes here: How to Market Your Expertise with Michael Zipursky

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