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Michael Zipursky on Sales For Nerds

By Michael Zipursky
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Michael was recently featured on Sales For Nerds. You can listen to it here: Michael Zipursky on Sales For Nerds

“Marketing” and “sales” are dirty words to many consultants.

If you’re like most consultants, you think of yourself as a technician.

You win new business by providing an excellent service. Not by “marketing” and “selling.”

After all, marketing and sales are for marketing and salespeople. Right?


As a consulting business owner, you’re a marketer and salesperson first.

And that doesn’t mean what you think.

Elite consultants ask great questions. They provide ongoing value. They perfect their messaging. They listen to their clients.

This is what makes a great marketer or salesperson. Not “dialing for dollars” or being pushy and aggressive.

And you’ll learn how to make sense of marketing and sales in my latest podcast feature on Sales for Nerds.

If marketing and sales have never been “your thing” — then we’re speaking to you on this podcast.

In this podcast feature, you’ll learn…

  • How to find — and dominate — your own unique niche within a specific market
  • Why your customers don’t want to buy what you’ve created — and what to sell them instead
  • The law of 80/20 — and how to bake this timeless principle into every piece of your consulting business

You can listen to the full episode and see the show notes here: Michael Zipursky on Sales For Nerds

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