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Michael Zipursky on Drive for Success

By Michael Zipursky
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Michael was recently featured on On The Schmooze Podcast. You can listen to it here: Michael Zipursky on On The Schmooze

What makes an effective leader?

No matter what field you’re in, if you’re known as a leader, you’ll command respect.

People will line up to work with you and do things for you.

It’s great to be an expert in your field, but that’s not enough to be a true leader.

Leadership starts with self-leadership — mastering your own habits and thoughts.

I was recently featured on On The Schmooze with Robbie Samuels, where we talked about leadership, success, and growing your business.

We dive deep into my own story and the patterns I’ve noticed of the best performing consultants and business owners.

The key factors?

Creating value. Building relationships. Making an impact. Being genuine. Authenticity.

These are things that you must practice every day in your business.

And over time, you’ll rise to the top as a leader in your industry.

In this podcast feature, you’ll learn…

  • Why cultivating a love for helping and serving others makes you an in-demand leader
  • When it’s time to bring in other people to grow your business (and stop bottlenecking your own business)
  • Networking 101: how to network the right way and develop evergreen relationships

You can listen to the full episode and see the show notes here: Michael Zipursky on On The Schmooze

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