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5 Steps to Position Yourself as an Authority and Expert In Your Market

By Michael Zipursky

Today, I want to share with you an action that you can take and that you can start to implement into your business, and if done consistently and frequently will have a really profound impact.

Rather than you talking about how good you are, let others do the talking.

Not only will it help you to really position yourself as a greater authority and expert in your market and in front of your ideal clients, it will also help you to attract more of your ideal clients.


What am I talking about?

Communicate Your Value

I work with consultants all around the world and at all different industries and one thing that I see consistently is that too often consultants don’t demonstrate, they don’t communicate, they don’t visually show the results that they’ve generated for their clients or even for their past employers.

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

That is something that really is a lost opportunity. If you’ve generated value, if you’ve created value for your clients in any form or fashion, you should be communicating that.

Now, whether that is creating a case study, with or without a specific’s client’s name, the more specific that you can be the better.

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

Look at what was the situation in the project? What was the challenge? What was the problem? How did you overcome it? What were the results that were generated? What has that meant for the client?

Case Studies

Case studies are a really powerful marketing tool yet too often consultants don’t use them. Ask yourself: Can you implement or create case studies in your business and then share them with your ideal clients?

Screen Shots

You could also take screen shots. If you’re very active on social media and maybe you’ve even seen this done by others, you can take a screen shot.

If someone leaves a good comment or feedback, a testimonial or reference about you or your service or your company, take a screen shot of that. Share that. That’s public information. You can then use that to further enhance and really to support your credibility as an expert in the market.

Rather than you talking about how good you are, let others do the talking.

The best way to do that is to demonstrate results, to have others talk about how great you are or what you’ve achieved, or how you’ve been able to help them to solve their problem and get the result that they want.

We’ve talked about case studies, taking screen shots of anything that’s in social media that helps you to support that.


If you can make a video of your clients providing a testimonial or a reference or sharing a case study or result, that can be very powerful. You can also do audio interviews where you call your client – whether it’s a past client or a current client – and get them to talk about you, get them to share their experience of working with you and what kind of results and ROI did they see from that experience.

If they can talk and share what a great ROI that you’ve helped them to achieve, that’s very powerful because you can then take that and show that to other prospective ideal clients.

We’ve talked about videos that you can do – audio interviews, screenshots, case studies.

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn has a great feature where you can go in, you can select the contact or contacts and then send them a customized message where you request that they give you a recommendation. That’s really powerful because not only is it then added to your LinkedIn profile but you can then use that in your marketing material, on your website, brochures, because again it’s now public information.

All of these things help you to demonstrate your results, your expertise, your authority, your credibility. The more specific that you can be with all of this rather than just having a client say, “It was really great working with Jill or John, they’re really nice people and they’ve helped us to grow our business,” if they can be specific and say, “They’ve helped us to reduce our cost by 20% and to grow our revenues by 40% within 18 weeks,” or whatever it might be, that’s much more powerful. It’s much more specific. The more specific the reference or testimonial or result or statement or case study that you can create, the better.

Don’t Hide, Promote!

Now, there’s one final piece to this and it’s really important.

That is, not only should you start to collect and to create with your clients this type of information, you also want to promote it.

If you just collect it but if you don’t share it no one will see it.

It’s really important that you promote all of this.

Promote it on your website, on your LinkedIn profile, on your marketing materials, in your newsletters and any other emails.

When you are reaching out to prospective clients, usually it’s part of your marketing, or when you’re sending out proposals.

You can use it to support proposals wherein if a potential client wants references you can show them all of this. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s been very, very powerful and beneficial to my own business.

I know that if you do it, you’ll also find it to be very powerful and beneficial to yours.

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  1. Jean Laporte says:

    Great comments. Easy to implement.

    • You’re welcome Jean! Glad to hear that and it’s all about implementing!

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