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Most Powerful Lead Source for Consultants

By Michael Zipursky

There are many ways to generate consulting leads for your business. A recent survey from Hinge found that writing a book is the #1 most impactful marketing tool for generating leads.

The infographic below outlines benefits and tips to keep in mind when writing a business book for consultants.

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What are your thoughts? Have you written a book and has it helped you generate leads? Share your experience and tips in the comments below or post a question...

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8 thoughts on “Most Powerful Lead Source for Consultants

  1. Polina says:

    Michael, I get the impression that you’re in the business of offering advice to consultants around generating business and attracting clients. Here’s some advice from me to you (for free): proofread before posting. This “infographic” was so full of errors that I was unable to move past the first few lines.

    • Agreed Polina. We noticed mistakes as well and are working at correcting them. BUT I’d suggest you look past that and instead focus on the message and what you can learn from it to benefit your business.

  2. Andrew Seipp says:

    The biggest challenge with writing a book, knowing from other people who have tried, is getting it read and found by people. The solution that I have seen often is to partner up with another consultant and have a co-author.

    • Andrew – these days getting your book ‘out there’ is simple. NOT easy, but there is a process you can follow that is straightforward. There are many channels through Amazon, podcasts, interviews, and many others that can help you to leverage your book – providing you and your brand with more visibility and exposure.

  3. Writing a book definitely helps generating leads and revenue!
    I wrote a free E-Book to collect leads and also a more comprehensive self study course (E-Book plus Video material) converting leads to sales. Both Books are based on my 2 day positioning and business modelling workshop. So it was not that hard as I had heaps of material and storries to tell. On average I make 3k a month. Plus the free E-Book has helped me building my brand a whole lot.

    • That’s a great share and example! Most consultants have the knowledge to create a book – it’s simply a matter of making it a priority and taking action on it.

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