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Search Engine Marketing Consulting – Introducing Link Building

By Sam Zipursky
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If you’re in the field of offering search engine marketing consulting or your company is looking for any kind of SEO consulting services then there are a few key things you’re going to need to understand. One of these key things is the importance that links, or the act of link building plays in any kind of successful search engine marketing campaign.

If you’re a search engine consultant you need to understand the answer to one crucial question – “what does it take to get websites ranking well in popular search engines?” (Specifically our good friend Google).

The answer to this question is not rocket science nor is it some secret that only “Internet Gurus” understand. It’s simple and it comes down to this, you need lots of quality links pointing towards the website that you want to rank well for.

You see popular search engines like Google or Yahoo use specific algorithms to decide what websites they display in their results after users perform a search. There are many factors the algorithms consider such as keyword usage, related content, HTML optimization, and much more. But at the moment in the SEO game if you want to rank well it really comes down to one thing – the amount and quality of links you have pointing towards yours or your client’s website.

As we know search engines aren’t human and they need a way to judge different webpage’s popularity. It’s obviously not the best way to judge the quality of a website but for now, that’s just the way it is. Google figures that if many people from all around the Internet are all linking to one website then it must be great quality and therefore ranks that website poorly or well based on that.

So what does all of this mean to you as an SEO consultant? It means you need to understand link building and the effects it has on search engines. I’ll be writing all sorts of articles with much more details on SEO but for now just remember this. If you’re offering search engine marketing consulting to your clients then you need to be going out there and getting links baby!

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