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The Search Continues for Strategic Consultants

By Consulting Success
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Strategic marketing consultants who understand the internet listing and ranking system begin with Google. Listing your consultancy’s site with Google is free and an invaluable start to building internet leads – but listing alone won’t get you very far.

While it is free, listings only tell Google and the other search engines to find your site – they don’t guarantee that your website will appear anywhere near the top of the search results.

The leading search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN Live. Your goal should be that your consultancy or client is listed and ranking high with these search engines. Like with all SEO, getting top rankings of your consulting business takes time, and often takes longer with Google than with the other search engines.

It’s pretty clear that a consultant’s website at the top of the search engines will get more eyeballs than one’s website if it’s on the 5th page. However, not all consulting practices can manage to keep their ranking on an on-going basis. If your goal is to have a high ranking, you will need to have a structured and disciplined plan to continually work on your website’s SEO.

More important than where your website appears in the search engines, is what you do with the traffic that you get. Do people leave your website right away? If someone inquires do you get in touch with them right away?

Traffic is great. But without the proper plan, a consultant with a website or blog on the top of the second page that uses his website wisely will likely make more money from their site than someone with a top three listing but a meaningless website.

Plan That Follow-up Campaign
Strategic internet and marketing consulting firms know that lead generation and quick response time go hand in hand. Clients who search the internet want answers pronto. Your practice will need to be on top of leads and constantly assess your site’s effectiveness.

Most site administrators track their hits. They know what pages are being hit and which pages are being avoided. Pages that are not generating hits are not generating interest. These pages or articles need to be reworked in order to build interest and a stronger following.

Whomever you have handling the technical side of your website you should ensure that they know what they are doing. A flashy website with no clear call to action is worthless.

Your website should give people a clear reason to choose you as their consultant and you must make it easy for them to contact you. Whether you provide a form to subscribe to your e-newsletter or a simple contact form for inquiry, it’s amazing how many companies make getting in touch a challenge.

You should review all site material on a monthly basis. Postings can get stale rapidly. Keep the presentation fresh and relevant. Good sites get repeat business and sustain a readership. Continued readership builds leads and prospects. Strategy consultants must stay ahead of the game.

Wherever you’re ranking, whatever your budget, a meaningful presentation keeps your brand and message fresh. Readers are prospects and readers refer other readers. Keep your website traffic climbing with effective SEO practices and then keep people on your site with valuable information. And never forget you need to make it easy for people to contact you.

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