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Take Nothing For Granted

By Consulting Success
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Your marketing materials have worked. Your new client has confidence in your product and has retained your traditional or online consulting services. The first few days as a consultant have gone well. You have established relationships with the client’s employees, you have entered the workplace and you have a plan to remedy the problem.

Almost immediately you begin to see other issues that the current staff cannot remedy. These other projects will require consulting services. Assuredly, this scenario will unfold during your consulting jobs.

While this is an opportunity for the consultant, it is also an unexpected expense for the client. As such, your recommendations may be viewed skeptically. Your performance gives you reason to feel confident about your relationship with your new client, but the client’s business is motivated by the bottom line. As such, the experienced consultant is aware that client loyalty is a fragile concept.

When you find the need for additional services, do your research first. Prepare a proposal and presentation that befits the client and your product line. Treat this opportunity with the same vigor that your initial presentation received. Never assume the client will award you the project. Be prepared to show the client the benefits of undertaking this new project and have your projections, your research and pricing in place. Most likely, your project will come as a surprise. No business likes surprises. Maintain your professionalism and present this surprising new project at a scheduled meeting that outlines your win-win consultancy.

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