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Some Web Design Consulting Essentials

By Consulting Success
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When you are offering web design consulting there are certain elements that should be on every web project, site, or blog your work on. Whether you are designing your own site or whether you are outsourcing, the resourceful web consultant will be involved in the structure of the site.

As an interactive and informational site, consultants should anticipate the prospect’s needs. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, most prospects ask the same questions. You should use your consulting and business experience to make sure the site fulfills some basic needs.

  • Your site must thoroughly describe services provided by your client’s business or your consultancy. Product explanation should be professional and within industry standards. You do not want to oversell, but be sure not to understate your consulting services or the services your client offers.
  • The site should be transparent and credible. Provide links to cross reference materials and encourage feedback. Unsubstantiated claims will not get the job done.
  • Demonstrate your the firm’s abilities. Use real info to show experiences and the company’s ability to take on new projects of any size.
  • Clearly state the companie’s qualifications. List all industry affiliations, all professional credentials, all public appearances, pro bon contributions and any relevant educational accomplishments. Make sure that prospects understand the service they are considering can remedy their concerns.
  • List and describe client benefits provided. In addition to explaining your product, increase your value by stating the unique benefits your client’s company brings to the table.

Know Your Audience
When it comes to the internet knowing your audience is key. There are many ways that you can find out about what kind of users are coming to and finding the websites you are consulting on. From keyword research, to polls, to interactive surveys you should be able to collect lots of important information about who is visiting your website. This information is so crucial  and should influence the web design, content, writing tone, and more that you apply to the project.

Some Elements to Include
It’s a good idea to always include and easy way to find the home page,  contact page, credentials or “about us” page that includes industry affiliations, a testimonial page, and a page detailing the consultancy’s history. Also spend extra time designing a thought-provoking page outlining how your business practices affect clients.

So these are just some of the key elements that you need to be making sure are included in any web consulting projects that you work on. If your website is easy to use, has a clean design, and quality content aimed at your target audience you’ll be off to a pretty good start!

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