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Why Consultants & Freelancers Need Links

By Sam Zipursky

No, we’re not talking about jewelery links here folks, although some may argue that consultants and freelancers indeed do need those too. Today we’re talking about links on the internet, to and from websites; you know the things we all click on hundreds of times a day!

You need to know about links
If you have a website and you’re a consultant, freelancer, entrepreneur, or anyone who’s running a small business for that matter, you really should understand the basics of linking online for business benefits.

What’s so special about links anyway?
If you’ve studied our Momentum program you’ll already know all about SEO and links but for those who might not know yet search engines like Google and Bing count links as votes. Basically the more links you have pointing at your website the higher up you will end up appearing when people search for keywords related to your website. It’s one of the main methods search engines have been using and still use today to decide what websites get found on the first few pages of search engine results.

Tell me more about how to get links
Ok, so the concept that we need links is easy to grasp, right? I hope so. But now how and where do we get these links?

There are so many different methods to go about building links, some are more time consuming or expensive than others but here is a partial list:

  • Article writing and submissions
  • Blog participating and commenting
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory submissions
  • Friends and business connections websites
  • Online press releases (free and paid)
  • Social media links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

If you want a full list along with detailed explanations check out the SEO company Think Big Sites. They’ve done a great job of this in their section on link building.

Get yourself some links
Go out and get yourself some links! If you are trying to do any kind of online marketing for your business make sure that you have a link building plan in place that you are constantly working on. Write articles, ask associates, do something press worthy, do whatever you want but NEVER forget about the almighty links!

18 thoughts on “Why Consultants & Freelancers Need Links

  1. I do agree. My networking base has increased tremendously since I have connected to LinkedIn. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Joy reyes says:

    I agree. I’ve been freelancing on and off for five years but it was only last year when I started link building that my website began getting useful leads. Now I’m a fan of search engine optimization and would always check out seo tutorials to further enhance my website’s traffic. If you’re a serious freelancer, a huge chunk of your bread and butter will come from SEO.

    • Sam Zipursky says:

      Nice one Joy! Thanks for sharing your experience with link building and how it has effected your freelance business…

  3. Glad to find what you've shared here in your review including the various methods for link building which is very important for bloggers like me. It really plays a vital role in gaining website traffic and SEO. Thanks for an informative review!

  4. Sam Zipursky says:

    Suzanne & Race – very true for bloggers link building is so so crucial!

  5. Kaje says:

    I just recently took advantage of some of the link building techniques and have seen the effects on my sites already. I still have so much to learn about SEO and I am taking it one step at a time. Thank you for the tips!

  6. I've been looking around on ways on how to increase traffic for my website. Thanks for some few good tips here about link building which I could incorporate in my website and see how it goes for my site traffic, still in the learning stage for that matter.

  7. Thanks for these tips! A blogger like me really needs link building in order to gain traffic for my blogs. I just tried one and it really had a tremendous effect on my blog.

  8. I wasn't able to understand about SEO until I read very helpful reviews such as this one. Though I still have so much to learn, I know it is very important to increase my website traffic, especially I am a blogger myself.

  9. I agree that link building is very important if you own a website and if you want to get a good positioning in search engines like Google and yahoo. Thanks for sharing these tips and for letting us know about I can surely get a lot of tips from them on about SEO.

  10. When I started blogging five years ago, I did not know about search engine optimization and never thought that link building is a vital method to put my blog on top of the search engine list. With helpful articles, tutorials and blog posts and reviews about SEO companies just like you've shared, I'm learning so much that I now have a better grasp about SEO and how important it is to my site.

  11. Tere says:

    My husband and I have been blogging for more than three years. He is the one more into SEO and he often tells me how important link building is for our sites to rank higher or closer to first few pages of search engine results pages. Reading once again about link building here encourages me more to take this seriously to improve the traffic of my websites.

  12. denzal wellington says:

    I was not able to understand about SEO, until I read the very helpful comments like this. Although I still have so much to learn, I know it is very important to increase my website traffic, in particular, I am a blogger myself.

  13. Thanks for the information.. It’s a great help to me as I was looking for it.. I agree with you that network is must if you want to get back links for your website..
    seo freelancer

  14. Thanks for the comment Varina, links are still key and the more we work on getting them the better results we all see!

  15. Absolutely wonderful article. I wonder what will ever become of mankind. Seems like that quick and resourceful will outlive all of our smart people 🙂 and thanks for posted!

  16. Link building is crucial for the success of an online business. When a business has many incoming links to the website, the page can be ranked at a higher position than others. It also gives a business for visibility online. There are a number of different methods that you can use to create more links.

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