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The Consultant’s Blueprint to Success

By Consulting Success
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Your consultancy’s business plan is now structured. You have defined your product line, established your value and targeted your clientele. You are rightfully pleased with your progress.

Now is the time to build a blueprint that links your marketing plan to your consulting company’s future. The good news is that you can chart this course right now. After all, you have identified your strengths, recognized your weaknesses and planned a profitable marketing strategy. Now you need a master game plan.

This is no time to generalize. Your marketing blueprint must lay out a clear path to success and profitability. A business plan without these qualities is a road to disaster. This road map will be a constant source of energy and direction. Spend as much time setting out your course as you spent assembling the plan.

Your marketing plan needs to be precise, accurate and directed. Identify your marketing activities, allocate the necessary time and prepare for the interaction between you road map and the marketing plan. Plan each step along the course.

Each successful consulting blueprint addresses four basic criteria.

  1. Identify what you need – In setting your course, clearly note the requirements of each marketing activity. Make sure to allow for the fulfillment of these activities by allocating the necessary resources.
  2. Calculate – You will need to project the effect of your numerous marketing endeavors on your profitability. You are investing your time and money into your consulting business. You must always be aware of the return in these investments. If you attend and speak at a trade show, what will it cost and what return do you predict? These projections will change. As you gain experience, enter revised projections into your forecast.
  3. Define Message – You have identified your consultancy’s areas of expertise and you have shaped a two sentence explanation of those services. Now, you need to get that message to places where prospects can find it. Analyze your prospects and determine where they will receive your message.
  4. Establish Speed Controls – You must not only set your marketing plan in motion, you must monitor your progress. Continually track what is working and what is failing. Remember that you have brakes. Let your speed controls keep you on course for profits and direction.

You will need to re-visit this blueprint often. This map will only be as adventurous as your imagination allows. Set time apart each month to ascertain your progress. Shift gears as necessary and open the throttle for your consulting firm’s future.

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