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Consulting Mindset and Model of the Most Successful

By Michael Zipursky

Each week I speak with 20-30 consultants. These include my clients, coaching students and those wanting to join my coaching program.

It’s become clear to me that what separates those that will be successful from those that won’t boils down to two things.

The Mindset of Success

The first is mindset. Consultants that want to be successful – they want more clients, a higher income and more freedom – can only achieve this once they have chosen the mindset of success.

In order to reach that higher level of success (regardless of what success is for you) requires a different model.

The mindset of success occurs when you decide to stop waiting for everything to line up perfectly before taking action. Decisions that you may have put off for one reason or another before, start being made on the spot.

The mindset of success is when you understand that being uncomfortable is how you challenge yourself. The most successful consultants I’ve worked with and coached are those that know they must push themselves to step out of their comfort zones because staying where they are and keeping the status quo means they’ll continue to see the same results they always have.

Model to Reach the Next Level

The second critical factor in becoming successful is having the right model.

Too often I hear consultants say “When I have more clients I’ll invest in my business” or “When I get more money I’ll take a holiday.”

They fool themselves into believing that all of a sudden something will magically change that will deliver the result they want.

If you’ve been trying to get more clients or achieve anything in life for a while and haven’t been seeing the results you want – doing more of what you’ve been doing isn’t going to give you better results.

In fact, it means you’ll just end up working harder to see the same results you always have seen.

The most successful consultants understand that the model they know, the strategies, approaches, and structures they’ve used have gotten them to where they are right now. But they won’t get them to the next level.

In order to reach that higher level of success (regardless of what success is for you) requires a different model.

The consultant running a $80,000 year consulting practice knows how to do that successfully. But if they want to reach $150k or $200k a year that won’t happen with the model they are currently using. Because if it could, if it was simply applying what they already know, they would have seen those results already.

This is why the most successful people in all areas of life, whether athletes, singers, CEOs and consultants all have trainers, coaches and mentors who they learn the next level model from.

The fastest way to go from where you are to where you want to get to is to shift your mindset and grab a hold of, study, and apply the right model to get you there.

If you’d like to learn the exact step-by-step model to take your business to that next level, fill in the form here and let’s chat.

4 thoughts on “Consulting Mindset and Model of the Most Successful

  1. Crystal T. says:

    Great article. Success is definitely a mindset.

  2. Elliot Begoun says:

    Getting the help from a coach was certainly one of the best decisions I ever made and just the process of doing so was a step out of my comfort zone

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