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Hope Marketing: The Most Dangerous Type of Marketing Consultants Should Avoid

By Michael Zipursky
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There’s a type of marketing out there that a lot of people talk about and a lot of people think they understand.

It’s a very intriguing type of marketing yet it’s highly ineffective. What I’m talking about is what I like to refer to as hope marketing.


Hope marketing is when you see what others are doing in your marketplace or in another marketplace and you try and repeat it. You try to take what you see others applying successfully and copy it with the hope that it will work for you.

Don’t Follow Others

Oftentimes, you’ll hear some guru or some online personality talking about why this type of tactic or that type of tactic is the best type of tactic, it is the number one and so on and so forth.

Hope marketing is not effective because there’s no real strategy behind it.

The consultant takes that, they believe what they hear, and then they jump on it.

They believe that that will get them the result they want. Really, what they are doing is hoping that will get them the result that they want yet it is highly ineffective to do so.

Hope marketing is based on the idea that if you throw a bunch of stuff at the wall, something will stick. If you’re often like you’re spinning your wheels, you’re trying all different types of things, often things that you see other people doing successfully, you’re imitating them with the hope that they will work for you yet you’re not getting the results that you want.

If you’re trying really hard, if you’re doing everything that you believe that you should be doing and yet you’re still not seeing results – at least the level of results that you would believe that you should see – you’re probably doing some form of hope marketing.

Hopeless Marketing

You see, marketing should not be based on hope. Hope marketing is not effective because there’s no real strategy behind it. Simply following what you see others doing doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful.

Instead, what I want to suggest to you and what has been highly effective both in my own business working with consulting clients all around the world, as well as with many of my own clients who I’ve coached that are consultants in all different industries around the world, what I’ve seen to be successful over the years, what I’ve observed time and time again to be effective is to disregard the idea of hope marketing and instead create a strong foundation in your marketing.

3 Key Points to Success

There are really three ideas – three key points – behind what makes and helps you to establish a strong foundation.

1. Ideal Client Clarity

The first is having real clarity around who your ideal clients are.

If you don’t know who they are, you can’t target them. You can’t develop your messaging for them. You can’t even try to get the right marketing in place because even if you throw a whole bunch of different tactics at your ideal clients – or who you believe your ideal clients are – and if you haven’t really gone to clarity for who they are, then it doesn’t matter what type of marketing that you do.

Without a powerful and effective value proposition, again, it doesn’t matter which kind of marketing you do.

It’ll often be ineffective. The first thing that you want to do is to get clarity around who your ideal clients really are because that will then allow you to do the same thing, which is to ensure that you are marketing or message is speaking directly to them, that your value proposition gets the attention of your ideal clients.

2. Powerful Value Proposition

Without a powerful and effective value proposition, again, it doesn’t matter which kind of marketing you do. You can throw a whole bunch of stuff at the wall and it’s unlikely that you’re going to really get attraction from it.

Clarity on your ideal clients and developing a strong marketing messaging and value proposition that is communicated through all of your communications, and the third is making sure that your marketing reflects that.

Taking the knowledge that you have around who your ideal client really is, honing in on that, and then developing a marketing messaging and a value proposition that will get the attention of your ideal clients.

3. Embed Into Your Marketing

The third part is taking that and embedding it into all of your marketing, in your website, in your marketing materials, LinkedIn profile. Everything that you’re doing in terms of outreach – Inbound and so forth – should reflect that, so that your marketing is no longer.

It becomes very specific and it speaks specifically to your ideal clients in a way that resonates with them and also in a way that will help you to ensure that you get the greatest response from the marketing that you do.

I hope that you disregard the idea of hope marketing. If you’re feeling like you’re doing some of that idea, shift your marketing instead to a strong foundation that you develop which will serve you very well now and going into the future.

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