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Episode #20
Michael Zipursky

How To Transform Your Consulting Business and Achieve Consistent and Greater Growth - Podcast #20

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CSP 020 | Consulting Business

On this episode we’re switching gears to talk about my newest book. The Elite Consulting Mind: 16 Proven Mindsets to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Income and Achieve Meaningful Success was recently released and today I want to share with you a glimpse of what’s inside. This book is full of principles — all proven by elite consultants — that you can use to overcome challenges, remove obstacles, and grow your business significantly.

In this book you’ll learn how to build confidence by confronting self-doubt, consistently attract ideal clients by following three specific steps, use worry to your advantage, develop the best business model, and much more. On this episode I want to share with you one of the 16 mindsets from the book, that I call mirroring success. This tool is the first step in achieving next-level consulting success and the potential $100,000 rate of return that comes with it.

A look into Michael’s latest book, The Elite Consulting Mind provides the first tool you need to start achieving next-level consulting success.

In this episode, I’m going to be taking you into my most recent book, The Elite Consulting Mind: 16 Proven Mindsets to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Income, and Achieve Meaningful Success. The book came out and what I’d like to do here is share with you one of the mindsets, one of the chapters and this is called mirroring success. When I first started my consulting business with my business partner and cousin Sam, we had this wild dream of making $5,000 a month and being able to work anywhere in the world. It seemed like we’d never get there. We worked hard in those early months to win clients and grow. We suffered some major setbacks, overcame numerous challenges, but eventually we did reach that goal. I remember it was an incredible feeling, “$5,000 a month, online business.” Sam said, “Do you suppose we could reach $10,000?” “Yeah, I don’t see why not,” I replied. “Let’s make it happen.”

What we were doing seemed to be working, so we kept at it. Growth was steady and we were happy with the progress. Within a few months, we’d reached $10,000 a month. Not long after that, we got into the range of $15,000 to $20,000 a month. We’d come a long way, grown tremendously and we were excited. Then something happened. Growth stopped. We’d reached a plateau. We were working harder than ever, pouring our energy into all the things that had brought about success, but we couldn’t reach the next level. We were stuck. Have you ever been there? Are you there now? Gazing up at that next level of business growth and wondering how to reach it? Hitting a plateau in the growth of our business was discouraging but we didn’t give up. That was really the key. We had plenty of experience, we’d read countless books and we’d accumulated a lot of ideas, but nothing was moving us to the next level. Something had to change. We needed a transformation and it came.

The key is to never stop developing your mindset. Click To Tweet

It happened when I signed up for a coaching program along with other business owners. Now, most of these men and women were more successful than my cousin and I were at that time. By listening to their strategies and approaches to business, my mindset changed and our business model changed. Within three months of that time and I’ve started that coaching program, our business went from about $20,000 a month to $40,000 a month. Then it went to $50,000 a month then to $150,000 and beyond. The business model we’d had before had worked up to a point but once it stopped working, it was time to change it. It was a $20,000 a month model, not a six-figure a month model. We had to learn from successful people in order to change the way that we did things. We didn’t stop there and we’ve never looked back. To this day, we invest in coaches and mentors and surrounding ourselves with the support that allows us to continue growing. Wherever you are with your business, there’s a higher level of success that’s waiting for you.

CSP 020 | Consulting Business

The key is to never stop developing your mindset. After all, what is the best place that you can invest your money in order to get the greatest return? A high interest savings account might provide you with a 2% return. That means your best case scenario will probably only match the inflation rate if you’re lucky. People who invest in the stock market jumped from joy when they get a consistent return of 12% and they’re usually aiming for about 10% but often receive much lower. Let’s put that into concrete figures. If you invested $5,000 in stocks and achieve a 12% return every year for five years, you’d wind up with about $8,811.71at the end. That means on average, you’d earn $762.34 each year on your investment. That’s not too shabby. What if I told you there’s a way to invest $10,000 and get a $30,000 return or $100,000 return or even $400,000return. What if you could get that return in less than a year? That may sound like it’s too good to be true but it isn’t. These kinds of returns are not only possible but they’re common. When you invest in your business by learning exactly how to grow, you will achieve similar results. You’ll have the potential to do so. Once you understand how to consistently attract your ideal clients and how to increase your fees, you’ll achieve a level of success that you’ve only dreamed about and you’ll do it quickly.

The mirror effect is all about this. In the end, the actions you take mirror your success to potential buyers. After all, you can’t expect anything of others if you don’t live it yourself. If you want your clients to implement your recommendations consistently and with full commitment, make sure that you implement consistently and with full commitment. If you want buyers to respond to all of your communications quickly, make sure that you respond to all communications quickly. If you want clients to work with you on an ongoing basis, make sure that you’re committed for the long term as well. When you are constantly comparing yourself unfavorably to others, buyers will sense it. When you lack confidence about the value that you bring to the table, your clients will almost certainly notice the hesitation and lack of conviction in your tone of voice and body language. Do you want buyers to invest with you a premium of fees and see it as a great investment? Then view your own personal development as a worthwhile investment. If you choose not to get help from a coach or a consultant or whoever else it might be to grow your business, how can you expect others to invest in you?

If you don't develop a mindset of success, you will become the biggest hindrance to your business. Click To Tweet

If you take too much time making a buying decision or maybe you’re overly conservative and cautious or you’re indecisive, buyers will tend to treat you in the same way and you will begin to experience delays in your sale cycle. Do you see how you are mirroring your own success to potential buyers? It’s all about aligning your actions with your desires. When you’re considering signing up for a new service, conference or working with a coach, don’t ask yourself is it worth it? Ask yourself, am I worth it? It’s not a cost but an investment in yourself.

CSP 020 | Consulting Business

That subtle shift in thinking reflects a huge change in attitude and that’s the key to your success. You can have years of experience in your domain, strong expertise, all the right skills, boundless energy, good connections, even good marketing. If you don’t develop a mindset of success, you will become the biggest hindrance to your business. You won’t be able to realize your true potential. That’s why elite consultants consistently hone their mindset. They invest in themselves, improving the way they think and approach their business, so they learn how to deal with mistakes, frustrations and fears. They know the right actions to take and they have the confidence to take them.

Now it’s your turn. If you put the tools that we share in this book into practice, you too will unlock the door to meaningful, even limitless success. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt of just one of the mindsets that I talk about and cover in the Elite Consulting Mind and you can find a lot more about the book at I wish you a great day.

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The Elite Consulting Mind: 16 Proven Mindsets to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Income and Achieve Meaningful Success, by Michael Zipursky

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