How to Increase Your Consulting Sales By Embracing the Consulting & Sales Balance with Anthony Iannarino – Episode 1

As creators of value, consultants have the opportunity to make businesses more beneficial, to make a real contribution, and to help people grow.


Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, and sales leader of the top ½% of all businesses in America. Between consulting, writing, sales, and running a staffing firm, Anthony has proven that he is on a mission to serve and to help people achieve better business results than they could otherwise. In this episode he shares the transformation that his career took when he learned to embrace the necessary balance between consulting and sales, which he defines simply as the ability to create opportunity and bring value to other people. This episode is filled with valuable insight for consultants who are trying to leave the stigma of sales behind, why Anthony believes that is a mistake, and how exactly to embrace the value of sales instead.

Is “sales” a dirty word?
In this episode, Anthony and I examine the fine-line balance between sales and consulting. Many consultants refuse to wear the title of “sales”, but Anthony is adamant that consultants are the best salespeople in the business. He explains a major shift of power that has limited the effectiveness of previously used sales tactics, and gives both positive and negative examples from his own career that prove those cheap sales tactics will destroy your trust with buyers. Be sure to listen for Anthony’s tips on how to create value with buyers to become someone worth doing business with.

How can you land a $10 million deal?
Recognizing and being completely honest about his limited skill-set early on in his career, Anthony considers self discipline to be his greatest skill. From his willingness to cold-call potential clients to starting his mornings at 5 AM to produce his daily blogpost, self-discipline has paid off in every aspect of Anthony’s career. You won’t want to miss his stories of success, lessons learned, and some of the plain old luck that helped his career take off.

Sales will always be part of the most important work consultants do.
If you refuse to consider your work as a consultant to also be work in sales, you need to listen to this podcast. Your ability to grow and sustain a business, to create value for other people, and to realize your career dreams is dependent on your ability to persuade people, to create value for them, to collaborate with them- in other words, sales. This is the work of great salespeople and great consultants. You can find out why I refer to this shift in mindset as “value-delivery” on this episode. Once you are willing to accept that these aspects of sales are part of the work that consultants do, Anthony promises that the work will get a whole lot easier.

What does it take to become a top-notch consulting writer?
Many consultants have failed to create a lasting presence on the Internet, but Anthony’s commitment to daily blog posts has landed him many of the clients that he has today. He starts his daily routine at 5AM, and promises that the more you write, the better you will get. He shares a story that proves that if you are willing to put marketing and sales first, you will grow your business. By worrying less about keywords or SEOs and thinking more about the needs of potential clients, you will be able to deliver more value to the people that are going to hire you. You can learn more about the secrets to success of his blog posts on this episode.

How can marketing help grow your business to the point that you’re turning clients away?
Every consultant dreams of being unable to accept all requests for work. In this episode Anthony and I discuss how to realize this dream, starting with focused marketing efforts. Frequent, consistent, blog posts filled with good content are the key to connecting to potential clients. While some may consider it counterintuitive, Anthony insists that sharing intellectual property, even with competitors, will increase your value to the point that you’re able to turn business away. To hear more about the qualifiers and disqualifiers that Anthony uses to determine if a potential client is a good fit, be sure to listen to this podcast right up to the end.

Key Takeaways:

[:40] Is sales a dirty word? Anthony explains the shift of power that has taken the dirt out of previously used sales tactics.
[4:50] Anthony is on a mission to serve and help other people achieve the results they’re looking for.
[6:54] From rock band to multi-million dollar leader, this “golden boy” details his career path.
[10:40] Anthony’s first deal was worth $10 million, but the bullying tactics he used back then are not the same ones that he uses today.
[12:26] Books by Neil Rackham became his playbook, and self-discipline, his secret weapon.
[15:05] Anthony’s three-faceted approach to solving consultants’ greatest challenges includes examining their mindset, skill set, and tool kit.
[17:15] Embracing the mindset that sales will deliver value to companies, will always be part of the work that the most effective consultants do.
[19:50] A recipe for success that starts at 5 AM has been the start of Anthony’s day since 2009.
[24:00] Anthony shares his approach to writing blog posts. His commitment to daily blog posts has landed him many of the clients that he has today.
[24:50] Despite peer criticism, Anthony isn’t afraid to share his intellectual property with anyone.
[26:30] What kind of timeline to success can new writers expect to see?
[28:40] Frequent, consistent, blog posts filled with good content, are the key to connecting to potential clients.
[30:20] Anthony’s typical initial interactions with potential clients last no less than an hour, and start with both qualifiers and disqualifiers to find the perfect fit.
[33:00] To become a better writer, continue to read and continue to write. The more you write, the better you will get.

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