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Michael Zipursky on Business Innovators Network

By Michael Zipursky
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Michael was recently featured on the Business Innovators Network, which you can listen to here: Michael Zipursky on Business Innovators Network 

To acheive true success, there are two components: confidence and competence. You need to know you can do something — and then you need to do it, which is what gives you confidence.

Once you know how to do something and you do it, then you feel confident. When you put those two together, that’s what creates success.

I recently talked with Mike Saunders, the host of Business Innovators Network, where I gave him a crash course on how to build a successful consulting business.

In under 30 minutes, you’ll learn some of the most important principles I’ve learned helping over 6000 consultants grow their consultancy: identifying the perfect client, attracting more business at scale, and pricing your offers to earn premium fees.

You can find all of this (and more) in my latest book, The Elite Consulting Mind.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The origins of Consulting Success® — how I got started with the business
  • The foundation of a successful consulting marketing plan — and my recommended tactics
  • How your mindset determines the success you’ll acheive in your business

You can listen to the full episode and see the show notes here: Michael Zipursky: The Mindset Behind Success

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