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Michael’s New Book: The Elite Consulting Mind

By Michael Zipursky

Michael’s new book, The Elite Consulting Mind, has just been published.

It’s available at a significant discount on Amazon in paperback and Kindle here: GET THE BOOK

Michael explains why he wrote the book and what it’s all about…

Get the Book (Discounted Price)

Whether you’re just getting into consulting or you’re a seasoned consulting veteran but aren’t experiencing the level of success and results you truly desire, this book offers you the advantage you need.

Michael Zipursky, CEO of and coach to elite consultants, has coached and trained more than 6000 consultants from around the world. In this book, Michael identifies the most significant factor in your success: your mindset.

He shares with you the principles used by elite consultants that will help you overcome challenges, remove obstacles, and grow your business significantly, including:

  • How to build confidence by confronting the four major questions of self-doubt.
  • 3 specific steps you can take to attract ideal clients consistently.
  • Simple shifts you can make to increase your fees by 300% or more.
  • The best business model for consultants to achieve meaningful success.
  • Practical ways to turn failure into a growth opportunity and use worry to your advantage.
  • And so much more.

By applying these proven mindset shifts and the principles that Michael shares with you in The Elite Consulting Mind, you can achieve meaningful, even limitless, success in your consulting business.

You can get the book at a significant discount on Amazon here: GET THE BOOK

8 thoughts on “Michael’s New Book: The Elite Consulting Mind

  1. Hi,
    Are there PDF version available? I am from India, and when I purchase the book from Amazon, the printed copy, I have to pay almost equal amount of book as postal charge. Again, yesterday I found that my payment got rejected.
    Whilst where are the bonus you have been mentioned during the promo of the book?

    Thanks, Nizam.

  2. Andrew Constable says:

    Hi Michael

    Just finished the book, really good and opens up your mind in the correct manner.



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