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Author: Michael Zipursky

The Key To Diversity & Inclusion In Consulting With Michael Bach: Podcast #232

Diversity and inclusion are two things that are becoming important in today’s business world. Reaching these goals often means changing things for the better. Michael Zipursky talks to Michael Bach, the head of CCDI Consulting, to find out more. Michael dives into the waters of consulting services in the areas of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility …

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How To Grow & Sell Your Consulting Business Using Systems (Without Working 24/7) with Shannon Susko: Podcast #231

Shannon Susko‘s book, Metronomics, explains what systems your company needs to grow. Balancing strategy, execution, cash, cultural, cohesive, human, and leadership is very important. Learn how to unite these systems into one regimen that works for you and your team. Join Michael Zipursky as he talks to Shannon Susko about growing and selling your business …

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