Author: Michael Zipursky

Mastering Non-Profit Consulting with Douglas Nelson: Podcast #74

Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to how you can master non-profit consulting is today’s guest Douglas Nelson, managing director for the Discovery Group. Douglas shares the value of consistent action when it comes to getting organizations to govern themselves better, work together, and create alignment in their organization. Douglas shares the challenges, obstacles, …


Self-Publishing Books To Get Consulting Clients with Tom Asacker: Podcast #73

In the consulting and coaching business, unless you’re going to scale it by hiring hundreds of employees, there isn’t this fear that the marketplace grabs this idea that you have and you start printing cash. That’s what happened with the two businesses Tom Asacker was in. Tom is an educator, business advisor, and internationally published …


Moving From Agency Work To Starting Your Own Consulting Business with Douglas Miller: Podcast #72

Transitions and changes can be challenging at times. It may be a little bit rockier for a short period, but the sooner that you make that transition toward the better, the sooner that you will reap the rewards. Douglas Miller, ElasticSearch expert and consultant, shares his story about his journey upon transitioning from working through agencies …