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Author: Michael Zipursky

Overcoming Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Growing Your Consulting Business With Lauren Sergy: Podcast #230

Anxiety can strike any time someone goes on stage to speak to a crowd. How does one move past these and how can you overcome your fear of public speaking?  Michael Zipursky teams up with speaking and communications expert Lauren Sergy to explore breaking down the fear of public speaking and presenting. Lauren discusses her …

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How To Use Web Analytics & Digital Marketing To Grow Your Consulting Business With Jim Sterne: Podcast #227

How do you grow your consulting business using web analytics and digital marketing? Michael Zipursky welcomes Jim Sterne, the Founder of the Marketing Analytics Summit. He has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing to share with us today. To maximize web analytics, narrow your focus on your target market. But data will …

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How To Build A 7-Figure Consulting Firm With Georges Chakar: Podcast #226

How do you build a 7-figure consulting firm? Michael Zipursky presents Georges Chakar, the founder and CEO of LINK Advisory Group. The company implements strategies to foster commercial sustainability by transforming people and customers. Georges believes that rapid growth is not about strategy. Instead, it’s about the transformation that focuses on people. You need to …

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How Consultants Can Use Failure To Futureproof Their Business With Colin Hunter: Podcast #225

No one knows what the future brings. If uncertainty is a fact of life and business, then you should be ready to futureproof your business.  Michael Zipursky discusses getting ready for the future with the CEO and founder of Potential Squared, Colin Hunter. Colin shares insights on the role of leadership and the importance of coaching …

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