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Author: Michael Zipursky

My Keynote Address and Speaking for Consultants

I recently gave a keynote for the Canadian Association of Certified Management Consultants. It was their annual award dinner and AGM held at the Hyatt Regency. I’ve provided several workshops and trainings for the CMC. It’s a great group of people and this event was no different. To grow you must leave your COMFORT zone. …

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When a Buyer Asks “What Is Your Fee?”

Consultants have a belief that they ALWAYS the answer they believe the buyer wants to hear. When a buyer asks “What is your fee?” early on in a conversation the consultant feels compelled to give a response. If you respond right away and say “$7500” you’re playing the buyer’s game and you’ve lost control. There …

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The Expert Myth: How Looking Up Can Hold You Back

I personally speak with hundreds of consultants each year. That becomes hundreds of hours of conversations. And I LOVE it. I get to hear first-hand the latest stories, challenges, goals, what’s working and what isn’t from consultants all around the world in all different industries. Conversations with consultants in my coaching program go much deeper. …

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4 Steps to Achieve Success in Business and Life

Why do some people attain great health, happiness and success while others struggle to? Charles Haanel in the The Master Key System wisely points out that this difference isn’t the result of the physical. Another decision successful people make is to go for growth. They aren’t satisfied staying where they are. They want to constantly …

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