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Author: Michael Zipursky

How to Turn IDEAS Into RESULTS Fast

Damien Wilpitz is like many of the consultants I work with. He’s smart, great at what he does, dedicated, and committed to getting results. And yet he faced a common challenge – how to attract more clients for his business. Within a short 8 week period Damien went from having a lot of IDEAS on …

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The Optimal Landing Page for Consultants

I was recently asked “what does an ideal landing page look like for someone offering consulting services?” It’s a great question.  For over 15 years I’ve been a consultant and built successful consulting companies. I’ve also co-founded several online businesses. So this is a topic I’m familiar with and passionate about. Let’s get right into …

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21 Productivity Tips for Consultants

Do you want to become more productive? Who doesn’t, right? The idea of getting more done in less time is what so many of us strive for. In fact, there’s a huge industry and thousands of books written on how to become more productive. There is a problem with all of this however… The problem …

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5 Proven Follow Up Strategies for Consultants

Did you know that 80% of sales are made between the fifth and the twelfth contact with your ideal buyer? What does that mean if you’re like the majority of consultants, professionals and even salespeople? It means you’re losing sales every month due to weak follow up. The idea is that you shouldn’t try to …

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